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Elevated CA125 level: higher than previous ones

Hi, I had a CA125 of 350 in 2005 and they took out borderline tumors and monitor my CA125
every 6 months with a catscan if I am having a lot of pain.
After the surgery my Ca125's have stayed 14 or below.  Today it is 20.
Is this reason for concern?  I am really scared that it may be climbing.
My ob/gyn faxed the results to my surgeon which scares me; cause they usually leave a
message that my levels are fine; this time they did not.
Would a petscan be better than a cat scan?  Thank You, Lenore
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  If the CT scans have been working for you, there is no reason why you could not go ahead and have another one should your Dr suggest it.
  I know that any rise in the CA can be nerve wracking, but that is a very small rise and still considered normal. It could just be a natural fluctuation, maybe you could have the beginings of a cold, or it is even possible that it was tested at a different lab than some of your previous ones.
I would not get too worked up just yet. And I am sure that your Dr faxed the results to your surgeon just so he would be aware. It is even possible that your surgeon recieves the report every time you have it run and you just did not realize it.
  If there is any raise in the CA, most Drs will watch it closely. They will begin checking in to it if there is 3 consecutive rises and the rises begin taking big jumps.
  Don't let it eat at you. I would really try to not even worry until you see what it does the next time.
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