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Enlarged liver, spleen with mass found on ovary

For the past 4 days, I have experienced severe abdominal bloating ( yesterday, it looked like I was 6 months pregnant) and discomfort with trouble taking breaths. I have also experienced fatigue for several months. I went to ER yesterday and had ultrasound, blood work and CT scan. Blood work came back with high monocytes but otherwise, find. Ultrasound didn't show anything significant. CT showed a 3x2 inch mass on right ovary that they say appears "complex" with consideration for ovarian neoplasm. The doctors said she discussed it with 2 other doctors who agree that I need to see OB emergent and while liver and spleen are issues that need to be dealt with, they can wait. I have did some research and the enlarged liver/spleen is a symptom of 2 main culprits..cirrhosis and cancer. Again, blood work came back fine so no damage to liver. Has anyone else had this problem? I have 2 more days before I can see OB and am scared to death. I forgot to mention, 21 years ago, I had a rare type of cancer called a molar pregnancy where a cancer is formed instead of a baby. I had chemo for that.
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