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Multiple complex ovarian cysts and hx of breast cancer

Hello all.
I am 40 years old.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 39.  I tested negative for the BRCA gene.    I had a bilateral mastectomy and did chemo.  I had some intense pelvic pain a few months ago.  My whole pelvic area and back felt so inflamed.  My OB ordered an u/s.  it showed my uterine lining measuring at 22mm with a 4.6 cm complex ovarian cyst.  The pain has subsided.  I had a follow up u/s today.  Uterine lining is down to 15 mm.  The 4.6 cm complex cyst is still here and now I have three new (smaller) complex cysts (2 on right, 2 on left.). I'm awaiting CA 125 test and have an appnt in 5 days with my OB.    Sooo... My questions are:

-DO you think OB will recommend removing cysts and maybe even ovaries?
-Can they do these procedures vaginallly?
-Would you remove ovaries? I cannot take hormones because my breast cancer was 95% estrogen.)

Thank you in advance for your time,
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The doctor might recommend removing the ovaries.   Most ovaian cysts are benign, over 90 percent.  I don't know if they can remove your ovaries vaginally, but, they can do it laproscopically.

I understand that you are BRCA negative, but, that does not lower your risk for OvCa, as someone that has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  As an OvCa survivor, my risk of being diagnosed with Breast Cancer is greater than someone that never received a diagnosis of OvCa.  

I am sure that the cysts are nothing, but, why not see if you can get into a GYN/Oncologist?  They are the specialists with 3 years of additional training alot more surgery under their belts than an Ob/Gyn.  They also treat many benign conditions.  Given your history, they would probably see you.   Again, most cysts are benign, well over 90 percent.

Let us know what the doctor says.
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