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Orgametril yes/no?
Hi, I have fibrocystic breasts, I had a cyst/tumor removed from my left breast 2 years ago and now I have an ovarian cyst of 4 cm. Since the operation I have to go for check-up every 6 months and I've been taking a "pill" containing 0.5 mg Lynestrenol ever since. Now, with this cyst on my left ovary, my doctor put me on a shock-therapy of 15 mg Lynestrenol/ day (3 x 1 Orgametril/ day) for 10 days.
Today is the 17th day since I have my period after finishing the 10-day shock therapy. I feel the left ovary painful and the cyst in my breasts didn't get any better with the Orgametril 3x1/d.
I wasn't feeling well while taking that big dosis of progestin (which by the way is not the same as the progesteron my body should produce but it doesn't and that partly because of the very Lynestrenol), I experienced several negative side effects (e.g. hot flashes, depression, insomnia).
Today my doctor told me to do it again for another 10 days, he said that should help.
And if it doesn't??? Then "I'm sorry"?
Hey, but in the meantime I am the one who is messed up!
Please, help!!!
I need to decide what am I going to do now. If I am to take the Orgametril for another 10 days I have to start tonight.

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What is the drug supposed to do?  It is your choice, you don't have to take it.  
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