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Ovarian Cancer

Hello ... my sister was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  She had breast cancer many years ago (more than 15) ... had chemo and was fine for all of those years.  However, she has now been diagnosed as stated.  She had a total hysterectomy and the cancer cells had spread to a small spot on her liver and one other place.  I can't remember where.  She has been recovering and had her first chemo treatment yesterday.  She developed water around her lung(s) ... had to have it drained yesterday along with her chemo ... she told me that it was a large amount of fluid.  She now feels much better and didn't have any side effects from the chemo as of yesterday when she had the treatment.  I'm very worried about her.  Is this considered 'advanced cancer' ...?  I didn't ask her about 'staging' because I don't want to be so nosey ... I know that this can be very touchy for the patient.  But I sense that it may be stage three or four???  Any ideas, comments or suggestions?  Thank you.  

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I would guess that your sister is either stage 3C or stage 4.  

It's a tough battle, but, one that can be fought.   Chemo won't be easy, and things like ascites popping up and needing to be tapped, also a struggle.  But, many survivors will tell you that it is doable.  

The doctors will search for chemos that will work for your sister, they want to keep her comfortable as well as put her in remission.  

The best you can do is be there for her.  Emotionally and physically.   It's a not an easy road she has ahead of her and could probably use the support.

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