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Ovarian cyst

Hi!  I just joined the forum as it looked like a good place with good people to get support and answered questions.  I just rcvd word from my dr today that I have a very large mass in my abdomen, most probably originating from the pelvic region measuring 26cm in craniocaudal length x 14 cm AP x 22cm transverse.  Mri shows the mass to be complex in appearance with likely septations.  The imaging suggests the mass is most likely of ovarian origin and possibly a cystic neoplasm such as cystadenoma or cystadenocarcinoma versus any other cystic ovarian process.  I had the MRI done due to chronic neck and back pain with numbness in the extremities.  My previous MRI had been in July of 2008 and that one showed a 5cm cyst in my right ovary.  My gyno stated it would be best to watch and see what the cyst did.  My last gyno appt was in January of 2010.  At that time the cyst was still approximately 5cm and the blood work came back indicating it was not cancerous.  So again she felt the best thing to do was to wait and see what it did.  My family dr is setting up an appt for me to see a gyno oncologist.  I feel deep down that this is a benign cyst but I am still concerned about the rapid growth of the cyst.  My dr did state that with a mass that large, surgery would be required to remove the cyst.  That frightens me a little as well.  I have had numerous surgeries in the past but the last two I had low oxygen in my blood and low blood pressure that necessitated additional days in the hospital.  I'm sorry about going on for so long but just needed to vent with people that would understand what I am going through.  Any suggestions or words of advice?  Thanks for your time.
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