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Thickening of omentum

I was hoping that someone could tell me how thickening of the mesentery and omentum is related to ovarian cancer.  Is there any other reason for there to be thickening of this area?  I was told about this after getting a CT of my abdomen.
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Lindagaye - Turtledovemom and I posted to you in the thread below where you asked the question.  I'll copy and paste what we said to make it easier for you...

gah_70 said:
If memory serves me correctly, the mesentery is a piece of tissue that connects the intestines to the inside of the body wall. The omentum is the "fat pad" in the abdomen that protects the organs. Ovarian cancer CAN spread to these areas, but a CT visualizing a thickening of them isn't enough to say you have it. Do you have any other symptoms? Gas, indigestion, heavy feeling in the abdomen, irregular bleeding, distended abdomen? These same symptoms can be caused by a benign cyst, as well, but your best bet at this point is to see a gynecological oncologist. If you need a referral, at least get in to see a gynocologist. There is no way to tell if you have ovarian cancer without a biopsy through surgery, so the quicker you find out what's going on in there, the better. Best wishes to you. If you feel up to it, please keep us informed on what you find out.

Gail :)

Turtledovemom said:
Please let us know if you have difficulty locating a gyn/onc. Unfortunately, some of our ob/gyn's aren't so good at either locating them, or referring us to them. If we knew why that was the case, we'd be in better shape. Having said that, please know that there are more and more teaching hospitals as well as cancer centers who DO NOT require a physiscian to do the referral...we can self-refer! Don't forget that our gyn/onc's are men and women who receive the additional training to deal with cancers of our reproductive organs. They do not deliver babies.

Gail's right on target in saying that a biopsy is necessary for a diagnosis. Do it right the first time and see a gyn/onc. Please keep us posted as to how you're doing.
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