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Today I am a nine year survivor

Just thought I would share since out here in the real world no one seems particularly stunned by this milestone. :-)

So nine years ago today I had the diagnosis of stage 3C OVCA (and a list of things they had removed at the same time which looked fairly long LOL)

I have had a recurrence and it  hasn't responded particularly well to treatment but here I am nine years later, standing, walking, working, riding my horse, doing some holiday baking and telling you about it.

Looking forward to the ten year anniversary.

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Congratulations!!! you are inspiring :)
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We should be popping the cork and passing out the glasses!  Here's to fighting the good fight for nine long years!  My family and I are having a party Sunday afternoon to celebrate a birthday and a graduation.  I'll be lifting a glass to you, too!  Congratulations!

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Thanks for sharing wow nine yrs and counting..pass the champagne Gail. Congratulations kismetfarm!
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Woo hoo!  Thank you for sharing your milestone with the ladies here!
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9 years is wonderful and I am so glad you posted on here. I hope that the newly diagnosed ladies that are on here will read this! Inspiring and God Bless You!
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Wow that is great! 9 years! A friend of mine is a 10 year survivor with multiple recurrences but last time I talked to her she sounded great!

May I ask, when did you have your recurrence? I sure hope that they can find a cocktail that works for you. Who knows, if you hang in another 9 years, you may even be curable (it's a far-fetched hope but I still entertain it).
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Thanks all for your kind comments.

milashka I was just about exactly 4 years past initial diagnosis when they found the recurrence on a CT scan.   And yes I'm working on another 9 years :-)
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Oh, wow, that's exactly where I stand now - 11/23 was my 4th year anniversary of initial diagnosis and my CA-125 is climbing.

So you had 5 years of chemo, stable disease, and coping fairly well? That is good to hear (well, could be better, but also worse, I guess). I wish you continued success!
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WOW!  Happy 9 years!!!  Here's to many more!!!!

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It sounds very similar by the sound of it (except my CA125 didn't bother going up until a year later) have had ups and downs, the first year after recurrance was constant chemo fairly well with moderate growth and no shrinkage in tumours then I said I'd had enough and was taking six months off - six months later nothing had changed despite no treatment. Have had some radiation on individual tumours causing problems, have found Etoposide helps a little and there are a few more options to try but no rush to try them while I'm enjoying life.   At this point I'm thinking surgery is the best option as the next line of treatment and intend to discuss that with oncologist next visit - we will see how things go.  
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Congratulations!  Its so inspiring to hear....my mom was diagnosed with stage 3C in Feb and has gone through so much.  Right now she is on a chemo break the CT was good, nothing new and the CA level is normal.  She has to see the doc again in Feb.

I know each person is different and the cancer reacts differently in everyone.  Can I ask you what treatment you received and how many reoccurences you had?  My moms last treatment was Taxil/Carbo and Avastin.

Great News!
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I am heartened by your story,,thanks for a great CHristmas gift to all of us and keep on truckin!
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It's so uplifting to hear of your success.  I have a friend who is also a 9-year survivor, after having been diagnosed with stage 3C.
We need to hear more good news around here.  Anyone else have successes to share?
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Only one recurrance Shari (five years ago) because I haven't had anything resembling a remission since.   Have visible disease but it doesn't progress much  a lot of the time.

Had the standard treatment pretty much - optimal debulking and carbo/taxol in 2000/2001, no debulking at all in early 2005, some more carbo/taxol which didn't work, a couple of things I can't remember offhand, tamoxifen, and etoposide since.  Also some radiation.

There have definitely been very down times when nothing is working.  Times when the Oncologist has fairly well shrugged and said "nothing else to be done, just a matter of waiting until it kills you" (got a new Oncologist as I don't accept that), but despite it all I am still here.  
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HURRAY! i needed to read an uplifting story today.  my daughter-in-law has been battling ovarian cancer for almost 2 years.  after surgeries and chemos she too is taking a break from treatment.  i believe in miracles and pray your experience will be the same for this wonderful 49 yr old wife & mother.
prayers and thoughts are with you all.
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god bless you !
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Working and riding a horse, sheesh I can't picture that even OFF chemo!  It is a long time to face this opponent but you have emerged the victor for now and that is the very best we can hope for to continue.
Chin up, Merry Christmas and thanks for the inspiration.
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9 years...that is great!!!!  See, statistics are nothing more than numbers!!!!
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Hooray, you are all truly so brave. I propose a toast to all our OVCA ladies, and may every glass lifted over the coming festive season, be divided into strength for each and everyone of you.
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Congratulations and thank you .. you give us all hope.
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Congratulations.....What a terrific present for you as well as all of us.........After planning and participating in 6 Christmas parties....going to the very large party -  750 people to the 16 people today....I must say as I sit here and finally get some much needed me time and rest...I am lifting my glass of wine to help you celebrate.....Thank you so much for the hope you are sharing with all of us. Love, Dawnlyn
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Wow. That's fantastic News!!

That is just the thing I needed to read. On the 12th of December my family's life was turned on it's head as my wife was diagnosed with stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. She was operated on on the 21st and is now sleeping next to me recovering. I hope and pray I will be celebrating her ninth year in 2018.

Thank you for the hope!!

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Congratulations! I need to hear more positive stories as I'm confused about staging and curability. My mom was diagnosed on 8/31/09 and I am so proud of her attitude! She is doing great with her chemo and is informing other women about ovarian cancer. Hearing feedback from women who are fighting this has been a comfort to me! Prayers to all of you fighting this battle!!
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It goes without saying - Well done! Being 2 years since my original diagnosis of 3C I really need to hear positve stories to hang onto. My numbers have just started to rise again. I'm not too worried as I am prepared to take the chemo on the chin again. I have arranged a holiday to England and Greece, by hook or by crook I am going. My Dr's are brillaint and are willing to adapt my chemo if necessary so I can fulfill this wish.
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