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VEGF Trap/ LidoGal

Dear LidoGal:

What I mean by phase is whether the clinical trial you are in is in phase I,II or III.

Here's one experience of someone on clinical trial of VEGF Trap.


I generally lurk, sometimes don't even show up, but did want to share a clinical trial with you all. I am on VEGF-trap. It is in the same family as Avastin. I have been on it for about 6 months. My CA125 has gone from 533 to 156. A very gradual, consistent downward trend. I have ovca in my liver and in my lymph nodes. All tumors have either decreased in size, density or remained stable. No increase of disease. I have injections every other Thursday. Mild to no side effects. I am on blood pressure meds because of the drug but it is very much under control. This trial is closed to acruel, being examined by the FDA, and is expected to open again soon. I am located in Seattle with plenty of spots available when the trial is opened again, however I have heard there was a waiting list at Sloan Kettering. Must be platinum resistant and failed Doxil. Please email for anymore info, be happy to share. Most clinical trial coordinators at the major cancer centers can give you information. Instead of trying the Internet I generally just call the center, ask for gyn oncology, then ask for the clinical trial coordinator. I find them to be very helpful and very very wonderful.

Wishing everyone well.

Nancy Buhrman Balduf dx 12-02 Stage 3C GOG 182 (carbo, taxol, Doxil) 12 months taxol maintenance relapse immediately Carbo/Gemzar Doxil MORAB-003 (phase one trial at Sloan) VEGF-trap never reached remission for more than a few months, not sure if that is really remission feel great wonderful life.

You can email her at ***@****

I hope this helps.

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