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enlarged ovarys

Hi im 29 years old il be 30 this week and I had my tubes removed because they were blocked and damaged and would never work and they were causing me so much pain fever, vomiting, loss of appetite, weight for 9 months I got my tubes removed the 7 of June i was feeling better for awhile i would have good days and bad days with pain in my lower sides of my stomach which the pain comes out my back i got the doctor to send me for a scan but both ovary's are enlarged the left is bigger then the right even do the right is enlarged my doctor didn't seem worried about this but I am because i have lost my tubes and my ovaries are important to me to get IVF in the further I got a other scan i mead my doctor sent me for another one its would 6 weeks between the last scan and my ovaries are still the same way but bigger i am not a heavy person i lost 17 kilos when i was sick with my tubes but now i am tired and sometime i feel sick with out vomiting and i get sweats and my appetite never regained since i got sick 14 months ago i feel very moody. Am i worrying over nothing? Is there any other tests to make sure my ovaries don't get damage please help me
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I guess you have to talk to your Gynecologist since your problem is so specific. It is important since you are worried about fertility to get the correct information not something general. When do you see the doctor next? At least they are keeping a close eye on you. What about your thyroid? I am no doctor but some of the symptoms you are describing are similar to thyroid issues. I would not be scared but you are right to want answers. To often we do not get answers to medical problems. I write down my questions before I see the doctor and write down his or her answers. Sometimes I get confused and need to look over the answers later. I do not know if any of this helps. Trust yourself and hopefully you have doctors you feel you can trust. If not you can always find other doctors. I have seen a lot of specialists in my life. I never regret finding a new one if I could not communicate with the other one.

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