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questions regarding treatment,diagnosis & risk factors

Did anyone have NONE of risk factors for ov ca? How did you learn of your ov ca? How soon after discovery did you have surgery?  I have complex mass 13.8 x 8.4cm upper right pelvis. - with ascites, mass covering part of colon, more ascites near diaphragm with peritoneal i
plants there.Due to busy OR.surgery no sooner than 030513. Does this seem ok? When i saw gyn onc Friday 021513 he wanted surgery next week.  This is so new to me
Does this scenario sound good/bad?  Should i get second opinion?   Either re MD, OR, plan?  I'm in S.California... 49, scared... trying to navigate this with grace & without loosing track or temper. Gyn onc told me about surgery, follow  by chemo, and I will be lucky of i don't have relapse within a year. Wow!!  Any
feedback,  suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated.    Thank you.
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I had similar findings. Mine did turn out to be stage IIIc Cancer. I was in surgery in a week and had six rounds of chemo. Almost a year out I am in remission and doing great. I am riding horses, training dogs, taking yoga, and dance lessons. I am going to be 50 in April and I am the healthiest I have been in years. You might get a second opinion only because you may be with the doctor for a long ride and you have to like the doctor you are working with.
  I was scared and just went with the first Oncologist and he was awful. I ended up switching Doctors and hospitals in the middle of chemo. I love my new hospital and Doctors, the facilities and support are great.

  The fear of the unknown is the worst part of the whole experience. I have forgotten the surgery and the chemo. It is a distant memory.  I luckily have a great Primary Care and Gynecologist and a Private Non Profit Cancer Support Center.

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