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slow recovering after third look operation

my mother has just undergone her third-look operation and they found a 1cm tumor just behind her stomach. We are waiting for istologic results and then docts will define new chemo. In any case they said it was so isolated that it couldn't give her much pain
In the meanwhile she has difficulties in eating anything, solid or liquid and therefore she's always weak. Even during last chemo she was able to do almost everything at home, but now she can't even prepare a soup....for the first time I've heard my mother saying "if time has come, I want to surrend"
I am desperate, she has been always strong, she has never gave up!
And what is confusing me most is that docts keep on being calm, it's only surgery recovering, no tumor pain...
I' ve always been her "soldier" during this 18 months, but now I don't know where to find strength to transmit to her..
Please just tell me how to go on at this bad step. I just want to give her good reasons to go on...
Thank you great women
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Your Mother has been through 3 operations and it has worn her down.  I thought a CT scan or MRI would should everything thus not needing a look-see operation. I was told that the anesthesia would make me depressed for a couple of weeks so maybe that's what is causing her to be this way.

This has been an emotional ordeal for you as well, not knowing what they would find each time.  Give YOURSELF a little rest time also and then pick up your arms and continue being her soldier, the battle has not stopped..
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