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sore breasts

i had a hysterectomy 3 years ago due to severe endometriosis, i have just been diagnosed with ovarian cysts and my breast are so sore, is this related?
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Did you have a mammogram before the hysterctomy?  I have severe ( it is on my pancreas, gall bladdar, outside of my colon and a pocket of blood and fluid is floating freeform in my lower right abdominal cavity) endometriosos. I tried birth control pills, pain pills, exercise, diet change ( became vegan and macrobiotic for 10 yrs), I have had 9 laproscopes, tubal ligation, an abnormal # of nodules/tumors/cysts in many parts of my body...including my brain where there was a tumor and endo adhesions all around it. So, when you say severe I am relating it to my situation. My Dr. is doing a mammogram before the surgery to male sure it is not anywhere else and will only have to put me asleep one time. It could be that your endo was so severe that you are just now discovering this. Are you on HRT?  Were your ovaries removed? It may seem like a dumb question but sometimes they are left in. It could be that your endo came back due to estrogen. It feeds on the stuff. I am curious. Please. let me know the specifics and you could help me too. I don't want this nightmare to return. I want my body back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know you feel the same about yours. My breasts are also sore, hot to the touch and swollen like I am always about to start my cycle of menstruation. I stay away from caffeine, candy, sugar etc. No change yet. Let me know specifics. Capo1113
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