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I have been ecperiencing several symptoms.Constipation, dry mouth, extensive thirst, depression tiredness severe abdominal pain, knee pain, some chest discomfort....I went Friday for an ultrasound through the local er while I was there they told me they seen a 5cm mass. They  sent me home, amd told me they would call if the cound anything else abnormal.  About an hour later they called me and told me  I needed to see an OB as soon as possible. I told them I had an appointment for this upcoming Wednesday....They wanted to know if that was the soonest appopnitment available Which was. They said well be sure not to miss the appointment. They would not tell me what else the ultrasound showed up. Then Friday night my stomach began to swell, My weight has gone up a little however, I look about four months pregnant. They did rule out, appendicitis, gall stones, and that type stuff. Now I am terrified that there is something really wrong. I was wondering if an Ultasound can show up cancer? I am 26, years old mother of three kids ages 4 to 6. I am mortifiied that something is really wrong...Any information that that you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
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Try not to panic although I know how scared you are right now.  You do have several warning signs of ovca,but you also have some which are not signs,like the thirst, dry mouth and knee pain. An ultasound can show masses only,not whether it is cancer or not.  A cat scan will probably be ordered for you next. They may or may not order a ca-125 blood draw because of your young age(too many things can give a false positive in younger women who still have their periods).  The only way to know if it's cancer of course would be through removal of the mass and a pathology done.If your gyn want to remove it request a onc/gyn be at the surgery to give you a look over.  They are the specialists...and if it is ovca you want the best by your side from the very beginning.  Good luck~~~Joanne
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