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Complex Ovarian Cyst (5cm)

Hi, everyone.

I'm fairly certain that I'm worrying over nothing, but I've seen a lot of sense in this forum, so hoped that someone could spare some for me! I'm 30 years old and have recently been diagnosed with a complex ovarian cyst measuring 5cm. This followed an ultrasound done in early Dec to determine the cause of excruciating pain I've been having on my right side. At that time, the cyst measured 3.2cm & was found to be complex, and my scan this week has shown that it's grown to 5cm in a little over a month.

I've read lots of information on this & can see that this is clearly not a big cyst in the grand scheme of things, but I've been in complete agony & hospitalised three times since October because of it. For awhile they were treating me for appendicitis, but then the scan revealed the cyst. My blood tests were poor (although I don't think that the 125 test was done, to my knowledge) & I was fasted whilst on IV antibiotics. For several days after each episode, I can't stand up straight.

What's worrying me is the lack of urgency. I understand this is very likely NOT cancer given my age, but to wait until the 26th Jan to see my consultant seems a long time considering I've been experiencing this since October - isn't it?

It's put a bit of a hold on my life. The pain strikes without warning, so I'm a little uneasy about being alone or travelling far from home, in case I'm hit by the pain again. To date it doesn't *seem* to be connected to my cycle, as it's occurred in 6, 4 and 3 wk intervals.

Can anyone offer any insight or guidance about this? Thanks!
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p.s. I've read that 20% of complex ovarian cysts in pre-menopausal women are cancerous, but this seems very high to me. Can anyone shed some light on this?
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Hi there!  I'm 47, was not in menopause before surgery.  I had a 4+ cm complex cyst on my right ovary.  Oddly, I didn't have pain on that side, mine was all on the left.  I had laparoscopic surgery to remove the cyst and ovary on 11/13.  The cyst was the size of an orange.  It was found to be endometriosos.  For about 6 months before surgery I would have horrible pain on the left so much so that I'd take pain meds for it.  Also, I was noticing some change to BMs, had hip and back pain and periods were getting irregular.  I was attributing all this to peri-menopause.  I had and MRI (for back pain) in Sept and it caught the cyst.  My Dr did a VUS and saw it, I waited a month and it had grown so surgery was scheduled.  

The wait and see limbo land is horrible b/c time seems to be in slow motion.  It does seem odd that, given your history and the fact that they know you have a cyst, they are making you wait.  Hopefully at your next appointment they will get you scheduled for surgery so they can get in there and see exactly what's going on.  Surgery is the only way to really know.

Good luck to you!
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I'm having the same issues.  Extreme pain, irregular periods, major bowel problems - gas, bloating, constipation.  And they found a 2 cm cyst on my right ovary about a month ago (thought it was a kidney stone).  My pain is almost like a burning pain in my lower back, right side, groin area, and legs.  It has gotten a little better since it started, but still taking pain meds (alot).  I need to schedule to see a gyno/onco and would advise the same for you.  My regular gyno wants to just wait and see and doesn't care about the pain.  But then again, I have three girls to take care of and don't know when I'll find the time for myself.  Good luck to you and don't wait until the end of the month if you don't have to.  Also, that 20% is very high and I believe it's more like 1%, but read the other posts; these women have had it all!
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I also have 5cm ovarian cyst right ovary (not sure what kind of cyst it is,it is fluid filled and not a mass or tumor) it is really painful!gas,nausea, stabbing,hip and leg pain is worst! had appendix oct 27 and  found cyst week later,history of kidney stones,I can honestly say this cyst is more painful than appendix or kidney stone attack.I've had this cyst 2 months,dr's reassure me should dissapear (or rupture)within 2-3 months.5cm is a fairly good size,been told it's between size of golfball(4cm) and softball(6cm), keeping in mind your ovary is size of an almond,so its big enough to cause severe discomfort especially if its pressing on bowels and nerve's.I've made many trips to er for pain but nothing seems to help and they wont admit me, but heating pad and resting helps when it becomes unbearable.They will usually try hormones if it wont go away ,Id rather have laparscopy and just get this "alien" out than to risk it rupturing.Just only if men could experience the joy of being a woman...!! Good luck to you,God Bless
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Well, well, well, it's nice to hear that I was not the only one with similar symptoms.  I had a 2.5+ complex cyst on my left ovary.  It had a single septation in it, and is why it was complex.  The Dr. thinks I had 2 cysts that came together, that was the reason for the septation.  But I too had all sorts of sporadic pain, bowel issues (not fun!), trouble sleeping on my left side, general stomach upset.  The good news for me after the wait and see (it was 2 months later that I went for the 2nd V/US)approach, was the cyst did resolve itself. But I too was worried, it is not fun.  But do remember, MOST of these cysts are non-cancerous! Remember the odds are in your favor that everything is fine!  BTW, I am 42.
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Hi, I had an complex cyst the diam of 7cm when I was 33.  I was told it was unlikely to be ovarian cancer because of age and they were wrong.  I was diag with LMP ovarian cancer.  Normal fluid filled cysts have about a 1% chance of being cancer in pre-menapausal women, but complex cysts have a higher chance of being cancer.  I would suggest that you follow up with a gyn-onc because they are specialists in all cysts (cancer and benign) and their removal.  If by the small chance it is ovarian cancer you want a gyn-onc to be there for the original surgery to do de-bulking if necessary.  It sounds like it definitely needs to come out though - especially since it's grown.  I was lucky LMP ovarian cancer rarely returns and if it does surgery is usually all that's necessary - chemo is not used at all.  But I strongly suggest you see a gyn-onc for your next appointment (not a gyn) so they can give you their opinion, they may request other blood tests such as the CA125 or you can request it too.  
Take care,
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