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Complex cyst on ovary and fibroid

Hello...I am new to this community and have learned a lot from reading posts. Thank you in advance for any advice you can give.

I am 53 y.o. and had my left ovary removed in my early 20's due to a large dermoid cyst. I am now 2 years post menopausal and never had children. A few weeks ago I noticed a fullness feeling in my lower right pelvic area and the Dr. sent me for an ultrasound. The results showed 2 masses on my right (only ovary) and a 5 cm uterine fibroid posterior fundus. The larger of the 2 cysts is suspected to be another dermoid and the other is questionable as a dermoid or other. I had a CA-125 and my results were 16.

I was then sent for an MRI and the fibroid was confirmed- 5 cm uterine fibroid posterior fundus.
On the MRI report it appears to address only 1 cyst and it is described as a 7 x 5.4 x 5.9 cm complex septated mass with nodularity involving the right ovary with hemorrhagic component enhancement postcontrast administration; rule out ovarian cystoma. What does this mean?

On Tuesday I am going to see an OB/GYN to discuss removal of the ovary/cyst (s?). When I made this appointment I was told that there is a discrepancy between the ultrasound radiologist and the MRI radiologist- one is concerned of possible malignancy with cyst/ovary and the other showed no concern.

I am a mess right now and am only thinking the worst. I keep telling myself that I have had a dermoid in the past and have no cancer history in my family. I have a fullness feeling in my abdomen, lower back pain on right side and a bit of discomfort and these all seem to be symptoms of fibroids and ovarian cysts. Aside from that and the mind games this is playing on me, I am feeling great.

Does anyone have advice for me? Obviously it sounds like the ovary and cyst (s?) need to be removed and hopefully I am in the clear with cancer...gosh I am so scared.

Regarding the Fibroid- this is my first one that I know of. Is there any treatment I should consider to reduce the size of the fibroid or should I consider a more permanent fix since I will be in surgery? I don't know if I should consider having the uterus removed at this time- I feel like that might be extreme at this point and I will chat with OB/GYN about this on Tuesday. Seems removal of uterus can cause other challenges.

I don't know anyone that has been through this situation so aside from reading online, I am lost. Thank you so much-

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I feel terrible no one responded to you!  I would love to know your outcome. It's been several weeks now. I can understand your concerns. Ruling out of more serious issues is scary but necessary. What were the findings.
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