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Complex cyst

I had a CAT scan done due to the finding of complex cyst on both ovaries which OBGYN said had blood flow. But, when the results came in, they said the following: uterus and adnexa compartment stable. NO adexnal mass or pelvic free fluid identified. So I looked it up and it said adnexal can be another term for ovaries. I looked up what it says because, obviously, I assumed that meant they found nothing. However when I tried to confirm they found nothing, got no answer from Doctor. Online it only tells you what it is. Wouldn’t that mean NO. Mass was found? Or would not identified mean something else in medical terms?
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Are you saying that you had a CAT scan follow up after another imaging (ultrasound?) found a complex cyst? If so, it sounds like the cyst resolved as most ovarian cysts do.
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