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Hysterectomy if cyst is benign?

Hi having surgery next week for large ovarian cyst in one ovary and smaller ones in other. Ovaries and tubes to be removed. Surgeons dont think it is cancer and have asked, if it is benign do i want a hysterectomy.   Pros, no chance of cancer in the future. Cons, more surgery, risks, effects etc. I am 66  healthy but overweight. Help please
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Do you have a breast or ovarian cancer history in your family? Have you done the BRCA gene test to see if you have that mutation?

It's always best to keep the ovaries if you can - they keep providing estrogen you need, even at lower levels, forever.

If you have a higher risk of ovarian cancer, that's something to consider, or if you have a history of large cysts like this, but it's up to you.

The ages for highest chance of ovarian cancer are 55-64, then it drops slightly for the 65-74 group. The median age is 63.

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hi, no gene, no cancer in the family. The cyst is large 7x8cm. Ithe ovaries will go as the cyst is large and the other has some smaller ones in. If i notice any lack of estrogen i will increaee natural uptake, ie food and supplements.  My question was more about if benign  should i have a hsterectomy? Thank you for your reply.
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