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Polycystic Ovaries

I know that I have polycystic ovaries and have been on various medication. I came off Depo Provera injections about 2 years ago and was regular up until the day before my wedding (16/10/2009) as I was about to become sexually active for the first time also. The doctor prescribed a pill I'd been on when I was in my teens, although I made mention that these made me sick, at which she told me to hide it in my food! I tried them, but was severely sick, so I came off them. Since doing so, I didn't have a period in November and came on today, which is day 47 since the last one started! I thought I was pregnant at first, as I was also displaying multiple symptoms of early pregnancy, which I've never experienced before - going off certain drinks and craving others, more frequent urination and headaches, fatigue etc. I'm going to the doctors on Friday, but I want to go with ideas of what to do. I was disappointed that I wasn't pregnant, as my husband and I would love it, so I don't want anything that will be a hinderance to that, but at the same time need to sort out my periods. Any suggestions?
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Been doing a bit of research. on www.ivf.com/pcotreat.html and have found that it may be an option for me to have "medicines used....for the treatment of adult onset diabetes... These medications have been shown to reverse the endocrine abnormalities seen with PCOS within two or three months.....We have seen pregnancies result in less than two months in women who concieved in their very first ovulatory menstrual cycle." These are metformin, pioglitazone and rosiglitazone, taken seperately or as combination. I shall definately be asking on Friday.
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Hi: I too had researchd polycystic problems but not sure I have that, I'm post menopausal, I think it is not outside the realm of possibilities but we are in the wait and see period, I was to have had surgery yesterday but cancelled it, as the cyst is moving off the ovary now.

We will be anxious to find out what Friday brings for you and I know you and hubby would be great parents, keep on keeping the faith!
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We certainly will keep the FAITH. Man! I want to burst into the Bon Jovi song now. LOL! I'm feeling sooo much better today, especially as my flow is a lot lighter and looking like a normal period. My father-in-law has told my husband that he doesn't think it will be long before we are pregnant and he's usually right about A LOT of things. It will be good to keep in touch and I'll CERTAINLY keep you posted about what happens tomorrow. Thank you again.
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you are so very welcome and yes, I will look forward to hearing what happens for sure.

sounds like your Dad in law is a very smart man. I'm a former teacher and I've taught anywhere from preschool to middle and high school. I can tell you that the parents who want to be parents truly down to their heart are the best parents of all!
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Only had normal obs taken, so got an appointment with Gynaecologist next Thursday, to discuss options, although I have come off today, so normal eriod this month. YEY!
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I am so glad, now get those who, what, when, where and how questions in order, I took in tons and checkmarked them off, keep on digging!
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Have printed off the research. I did ask the health assistant, but she said she didn't know and to see the Gynaecologist. Do you think I should start take pre-natal suppliments anyway?
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I think you should take pre-natal vitamins now, they wouldn';t hurt only prepare your body even more!!! God bless you
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I started taking Pregnacare Conception yesterday. It's got great reviews and is recommended by MOST pregnancy mags and sites. http://www.vitabiotics.com/pregnacare/conception_productinfo.aspx
I'm praying that it will enrgise me a bit more too, as it has loads of good vitamins and stuff for normal well-being in it. Not that I'm not energized, but could be better.
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Dr. was lovely. Said should be fine. Said load of rhubarb that it'll be harder for me to get pregnant cause of polycystic ovaries. Says there's a window where we can get pregnant, depending on my cycle. I got to book to have a blood test on the 21st in any hospital - got the forms - just to make sure I'm ovulating, although he doesn't see why not. Said that probably was my body adjusting last month and not to panic, though he was shocked that I hadn't been sexually active 'til now. Given me some reading materials. Shouldn't have intercourse every day because it lessens sperm amount and strength. Said it was good to take pre-natal suppliments, although no need really. Also said that we should get stuck into the Wii Trainer,  or equivalent, if wanna get fit and then, possibly start to go swimming. Said it vital to have a good breakfast too - something I have to work on (need to get up earlier to have one, although I had a lovely rasberry and yoghurt crisp cereal this morning, as had half day before work).
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Question. I recently had a cold. After my cold had subsided, I think I picked up cystitis. Drinking loads of cranberry juice and water and on a 48hr medication drink thing at mo. It only painful right at the end of urinating. Apparently it very common as there are many changes happening with the uterus, even in pregnancy. I had a little light spotting yesterday. Because of the UTI, I don't know whether it's due to that or whether it could have actually happened and it's implantation bleeding. Any ideas anyone?
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