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Undecided..I need advice.

I recently posted about having a 10cm cyst on my left side and a 4cm complex cyst on my right ovary, plus a thickened endometrial stripe (18mm) I was referred to see a Gyn/Oncologist by my regular obgyn. Since the day my Obgyn saw me for my ultrasound results and made my referral, I left the office unhappy and very nervous. My obgyn failed to thoroughly explain to me what was going on and I felt like my appointment was cut short because she had come in late and had a ton of patients waiting. I then proceeded to make another appointment with another obgyn for an explanation of my ultrasound results and what he thought would be the next step. The new obgyn explained everything very thoroughly and also listened and answered all my questions. He told me he did not think I needed to see an Oncologist. But that I was within my rights to seek another opinion. He also said he did not think my cysts where malignant. That if his daughter had received that report he wouldn't of thought of the worst. He told me he could do an outpatient laparascopic cystectomy to remove both cysts and a D and C for the thickened endometrial stripe. He told me all should be done within the next two weeks. That he would run some blood work amd them I would get a call for my surgery.

I still have not canceled my appointment with the Oncologist. It is on the 16th. But now I don't know if I shoukd wait and see what he says. Or proceed and have the obgyn do it. I really liked him. Plus the favt that he took time to talk and liste to me made me feel good. The oncologist I was referred to on the other hand I hard was very good. But he only perfoms surgeries at a hospital that is in an area that makes me uncomfortable. Plus the hospital is full of apprentices and that makes me nervous!

Please I need all the advice I can get. I don't know what to do. The obgyn told me he would save my ovaries because he knows im young and want more children. But I have also herd that some obgyns find it easier to just go in there and take everything out.
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I am sorry you are faced with this decision! I understand your concern with having surgery in a teaching hospital. It did not work out well for me. And I know some women with similar stories. I had a 9.5cm cyst and instead of removing just the cyst, my long-time gynecologist and residents did a "gut" job - removed both ovaries, uterus, and tubes even though the frozen section done while I was in the operating room showed that the cyst was benign. I did not even know the hospital was a teaching hospital because it is not associated with any university.

Unnecessary removal of female organs (uterus and/or ovary/ies) is more the norm than the exception so it is critical to protect yourself via the surgical consent form by stating what can and cannot be removed and under what conditions (e.g., cancer versus no cancer). Make sure any revisions are signed off on by the surgeon and make a copy for yourself.

Why is this gynecologist saying this needs to be done in the next two weeks? Is it because of the size of the one cyst (10cm)? Typically a 4cm cyst would be monitored if it doesn't look suspicious but I suppose it makes sense to remove it since the 10cm one needs to come out.

As far as the 18mm endometrial stripe - At what point in your cycle was the u/s done? The lining can get up to 16mm in the second half of the cycle so 18mm is not that thick. It is best to have a u/s done 1 or 2 days after your cycle ends to see if the lining is thinning out properly. Also, if a thick lining hasn't been an ongoing problem, I am surprised a doctor would do a D&C since it has risks. An in-office endometrial biopsy can check for abnormal cells if that is a concern. And hormonal meds can be prescribed to thin out the lining and even treat hyperplasia if it is determined you have that (from the biopsy).

And last but not least, the uterus and ovaries comprise a system and have lifelong non-reproductive functions. The removal of any part of this system can cause permanent problems putting us at increased risk for a number of long-term health problems.

I hope this helps as you navigate the medical maze to find the best possible care - care that restores your body's health versus crippling it. Please keep us posted as you get more info.
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When I went for the ultrasound my period started 2 days after. My new obgyn suspects it was at 18mm because of that. But them again it has been 16mm for two years. He told me he could check and do a D and C of he thought I needed it. My right complex cyst will be removed only because he thinks simce my left one grew there is a possibility the right one will as well and later on ot will require surgery as well. I am a little stressed out because I have an appointment with the gyn Oncologist next week. Which I was originally referred to by my original obgyn. But I found out she lost her privileges to practice at the clinic and hospital! Which kind of threw me off because O thought she was good and all. But thanks to me not being happy with her I looked for my new obgyn and he will be doing my surgery. Im just scared I was being misdiagnosed or something.
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