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Very high testosterone levels 90 ng/dL. Is that cancer?


My girlfriend (age 31) visited her doctor few days ago for the regular annual check.
She mentioned that sometimes during the month she gets hot flushes when she sleeps.

Doctor adviced to do some blood tests.
It turn out that testosterone is 90 ng/dL while the max normal is 60.

We read online that it can indicate cancer etc.. can it indicate NOTHING?

She had PCOS in the past, 7 years ago but not anymore.

We are worrying and the appointment with the doctor is in 2 days and he did not give any info over the phone.. plus we think she might has to do more exams etc which will take time..

any info??

no extra hair, no issues with her weight.. no irregual periods, everything is normal.. apart from 2-3 months ago she had more pain than usual during the ovulation.

please some info here
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Women with PCOS can have high testosterone. It's interesting that she used to have PCOS. I have to wonder if the high T is one of the lingering traits even though her periods have normalized. (I assume her periods have normalized on their own - no birth control). You didn't say if her ovarian cysts have disappeared but cysts associated with PCOS are just a symptom. One can have the underlying metabolic traits of PCOS (e.g. high androgens and insulin resistance) without having cysts but then it seems like her periods wouldn't be normal.

What did her doctor say?
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