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Chronic Pain and dr's wont take her as a patient

I am so perplexed, that's why im here! My daughter has justified problems with arthritis in back, and neck, also has had fusion of neck, and also lower back surgery, she has Medicaid in mich. About a yr ago she went to dr for more meds, for her chronic pain and she finished about 5 days early. At this point and time she cannot get in to see a dr, no dr at all, not even a family physician. I am so frustrated, I don't know the way they do things in mich, I am not from there. She went to a pain clinic per her physic dr and was going to be seen for pain pump, well she went for physic evaluation and they said she did not pass. This girl has all her exrays, mri, scans and has been told she definetly has a problem, and has signed up for disability also. She has went to er's lots just to get something for pain and has panic attacks because of the pain, I just cant figure out why no one will see her, the doc's all say we don't see chronic pain patients. Is there something else she should try....I don't know Im just so frustrated for her, she is 41 and has 2 kids and husband, they also are so wanting help for her!

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Thank you so much for your response, I just want to get her some help some how, and cant believe that they treat patients like this! Thank you again.
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If the doctors are saying that she didn't pass her psych evaluation, it usually means that there is something in her history that wouldn't make her a good candidate for the pain pump. If she has anxiety, that's probably one of the factors, it doesn't mean that she's not in pain or anything like that, just that she's not a candidate for the pump.

Also running out of meds 5 days early will send up a red flag as well as going to the ER for pain meds. I know she's in pain, but with all of the hysteria involving opiates, its just the way we are perceived and there really isn't much we can do about it other than follow our doctors orders to the letter.

She needs to make an appointment with her family doctor and get a referral to a pain management doctor. Continuing to go to the ER is just going to make her look bad, even though I know she's suffering.

When she makes the appointments, even if they cannot get her in for a while, have to ask to be put on the cancellation list, and make sure she has all of her reports, MRI's, x-rays, everything with her. Some pain management places don't even require referrals, some do.

Get online, start finding the doctors in her area and start making phone calls. Michigan has a lot of pain clinics. Don't ask over the phone if they will prescribe for her, just get an appointment and go from there.

I wish her good luck.
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