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HELP pee burn with some blood

i  notice that when i pee it has a little burn pain and comes with some blood ? is this normal or what ? ive been having sex regular lately is that why ?
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No that is not normal!  It sounds like you have a uti (urinary tract infection)  It usually burns when you urinate, sometimes there is pressure too.  If you can visually see the blood you definitly need to go to the dr.  They will give you an antibiotic that will help.  Good luck :)
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I also agree that it isn't normal and that you probably have a UTI, or maybe going into a kidney infection.  You do need to go see a doctor pretty soon so it doesn't get any worse.  Good luck and I hope you feel better.  I really don't think it's because your having sex regularly unless the only time you have the blood is ONLY after you have sex and not anytime else?
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To say it only lasted only 2 days and the blood stop after one day but im thinking it might of been implantation along with a little uti ... i did an home remedy for the uti i no longer have burn during my pee ...
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No more sex for you until you see your doctor and get your pain and symptoms properly diagnosed.  You can pass an infection on to your partner, which means both of you will keep giving it back to each other.  

You may have something else instead of an infection.  Kidney stones can cause the same kinds of symptoms, as can other problems anywhere in the urinary tract including the kidneys.  Please don't wait any longer and just make that appointment with your doctor!
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