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Intollerance to morphine and others


I've not got a diagnosis for my pain, however it is concurrent with symptoms for osteoarthritis. As I've been suffering with pain in my knees, hips, lower back and knuckles for 12 years now I'm not holding out on a diagnosis anytime soon, more so because I know how much the medical comminity seem to despise diagnosing osteoarthritis in anyone below 50, I'm 30 so another 20 years to go before acknowledgement of OA will be given!

In all honesty I don't care what they choose to call it, I just want the symptoms managed appropriately. After moving home I had to change GP's so went to see new GP for an MOT and he has decided that we should try different painkillers to see if I can find one I'm ok with. I'm intollerant to morphine (i.e. it doesn't produce anaphyllactic shock but the side effects are horrendous). I also can't use tramodol, meptid, or codeine phosphate. I can tollerate 8/500 co-codamol but these no longer touch the pain due to prolonged use. I can't tollerate 30/500 co-codamol. On the NSAID side of life Ibuprofen is causing stomach problems (as it would do with prolonged use), diclofenac doesn't do much for the pain, nor does mefanemic acid. I know that it is a case of trial and error to see what works and what doesn't but wondered if anyone had any ideas on anything that may be suitable?

I am losing weight, as I am 2 stone overweight, and am hoping this will take some pressure off my joints. Pain makes it difficult to exercise which makes it difficult to lose weight which ultimately causes more pain, nothing like a vicious circle to concentrate one's mind!

I use glucosamine, chondroitin, cod liver oil and ensure my diet contains oily fish. TENS doesn't work, heat does work to a degree and so I try to utilise this as much as possible, hydrotherapy is beneficial (but not to the bank balance!) and I also use swimming as a method of controlling pain (though I do suffer afterwards).

So if anyone has any bright ideas be the natural remedies or prescribed then please let me know!

Thanks :-)
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hi buddy, there are still other anti-inflammitories worth trying like naprosyn and indocid. there is a topical cream called 'arthro aid direct' that is extremely good, i've used it for many years. it sinks in really deeply and is way better than all the others i've tried. it has glucosamine in it too but also other stuff, it's worth trying if you can get it over there. also you could try something like 'somac' for the NSAID tummy problems. it may help.
good luck

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I am confused, You can't take codeine phosphate as it has unwanted side effects right?
Co-codamol is codeine phosphate. You can tolerate the 8/500 but the 30/500 is causing bad side effects?
I am sorry if I am misunderstanding you.
I would try hydrocodone or oxycodone maybe even an extended release formula. These drugs are a bit stronger than codeine.
I am glad to see that you do have a doctor willing to help you and treat your pain. It is really a trial and error when trying to find a medication that will work for you. Everyone responds differently to different medications.
I would suggest these medications I named as an option to your doctor and see what he/she thinks.
I hope you do find relief soon and will keep us updated on how your doing:0
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Sorry to confuse - I can take the co-codamol which is 8mg of codeine phosphate and 500mg of paracetamol (side effects managable) but the 30mg of codeine phosphate with 500mg of paracetamol causes bad side effects, similarly 30mg of straight codeine phosphate causes bad side effects.

Added complication is that I also need to be able to function well enough to drive and work.

Thanks for the suggestions will be seeing my GP next week :-)
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Hi Willow,

Welcome to MedHelp's Pain Management Forum. I am glad you found us but very sorry to hear that you are having such pain at such a young age.

You apparently are not from the US so treatment and medications may be different in your country. However I agree with Sandee, there are many more medications for trial before you throw in the towel.

I have many allergies and intolerance's to medications. It was months of trial and error with a very patient and kind physician before we hit on the right combination. It sounds as though you have a physician willing to assist you in this manner also. I had to "put up" with some side effects until my system adjusted to the medication. I am not sorry I sufferer through some nasty headaches, nausea, insomnia and a few other side effects until my body adjusted. Some times you have to just deal with side effects for awhile.

I  tried the herbal and "natural" pain remedies for a long time with no significant relief from my pain or symptoms. So I have no suggestions in that area.

For what it's worth I did try Acupuncture. It helped me relax and feel peaceful but again it had no significant effect on the pain.

Good luck to you. I hope that you will let us know how you are doing.
Take Care, Tuck
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What are the morphine side-effects that you experience? Do you have an allergy to it? Or do you experience some of the more extreme and/or rare side-effects from it? Just curious. Might have some suggestions depending on your answers.
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