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Is it safe to take 2 norco 7.5/325 in the same 2 hours with a bit of a tolerance?

Hi all! I just got prescribed norco 7.5/325's from my orthapedist for degenerative disk disease today. Is it safe to take 15 mg of the norco and 500 mg of the aceiteminophen? I have just never taken norco's before, my other prescription was for Lortab 5/500 but I told my doctor I didn't like taking that much tylenol so that's why he gave me the norco's with less tylenol. Is it safe? Any suggestions? -Soph
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The only thing you need to be careful of is the higher doseage of the opiate.  You will probably be sleepy so until you know how you tolerate it don't drive, stuff like that.  Also, if you are building a tollerence to the opiates and need a higher dose for pain be very careful.  Opiates are HIGHLY addictive because they affect the pleasure zone in our brains.  They don't do anything to the injury to heal it, they just stop the signal in our brain that says it hurts.  A fake happy that destroys lives. Yes dear, that is experience talking. I'm glad you posted your question, I hope I helped. Please talk to your doctor or pharmacist about non narcotic options if you feel your tollerence growing.
God Bless.
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Does norcos sometimes make you nott able to move ?
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Please begin a new question and please add additional information. Your question is important to us.

Hydrocodone (Norco) taken as directed will not cause you any difficulty with movement - provided you're not having a severe allergic-type reaction to the medication.

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