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Is this Pre-Addiction?

I have Fibro, Arthritis, RLS, Scoliosis, Spondylosis, Spinal Fracturing/Wedging, have lost 4 inches of height in 4 years and additional spine issues. I have just had 3 successive bouts with Shingles and have the lasting Neuropathy that can follow, and two months of respiratory infection. I have real problems and real pain. I get 84 Vicodin to last me a month. The bottle label says may take 2 at a time for pain for extra intense times of pain. But if I do I will run short at the end of the month. I told my Doctor this and she said I am in what they call Pre-Addiction. I have been up in tears with pain. I do not sleep through the night account of pain. Being concerned about running out of medicine seems to be only common sense. It is not like I am going to get better. And of late I have had even more pain with Shingles and a degenerating back. I am outraged at the labeling of being a "Pre-Addict". Would she rather I go without medication? Or should I be unconcerned with spacing medication. Once again I think that is being responsible. My taking medication is not recreational
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Hi and welcome to the community!

I am so sorry to hear about all of the suffering you are enduring due to the long list of medical ailments you have been diagnosed with.  Many of them I am familiar with and I know that they can cause a lot pain.  Listen, you are NOT pre-addicted.  No where near it.  You are taking your medication as prescribed.  The vicodin is not very potent in terms of strength and 84 pills is not very much for an entire month.  The max dose of vicodin that you can take is 8 pills a day which results in 240 pills a month.  Your doctor is not giving you much to go on for relief of your pain.  Could you see another physician to see if they would manage your pain?  This doctor seems like he would call you an addict and possibly take away all of your medication if you asked for a stronger pain medicine, which is why I am not even suggesting that.  

Less than 1% of chronic pain patients get addicted to their meds.  Addiction and dependancy are two different things.  Many chronic pain patients are dependant on their meds but not addicted.  Dependant means that the chronic pain patient will suffer painful withdrawal symptoms if the opioid medication is abruptly stopped but they will not exhibit traits of addiction such as: cravings for the drug to get "high", changes in mood and hostility during the withdrawal as in the addict, the mind is withdrawing mentally as well.  For the chronic pain patient, withdrawal symptoms simply makes the person not feel well physically without psychological dependance on the medication.

Please be assured that you are not addicted.  You are absolutely correct in that you are using your medication responsibly and should be unconcerned about your doctor's comments.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my post and another thank you for your comment and support. I guess medical society has gotten to the point that they are suspicious of anyone they prescribe to. If the truly ill is not receiving relief then who is? From news reports it sounds like one can "score" Vicodin anywhere and in large quantities. I cannot switch Dr's as I am on Social Security Disability cannot afford insurance and the hospital I go to allows me financial assistance. The Dr. that told me I was a Pre-Addict was the Pain Nurse that heads the Pain Department. She said pill counting is one of the main symptoms of Pre-Addiction. The hospital describes this Pain Clinic as offering treatment other than Opiods. The reason I was sent to this department and person was because I told one of the Dr/Residents I had been up crying in pain with all these ailments hitting at once. I did not get more Vicodin but a prescription for more Gabepentin which I cannot tolerate. And I told them I was having side effects (blurred vision, dizziness, memory problems, etc.) and was taken off of it previously for side effects..Your comment about less than 1% of chronic pain patients becoming addicted is an idea I had heard. I did not know the exact statistic but had heard the theory. You hit the nail on the head with your entire response. I am going to copy your letter. It meant quite allot to me. I don't know what your health issues are but I wish you all the best in your future. You "Get It".
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alls i can say is wow i did go thru what u did drs not trusting me i was 31 in a walker i had to move clear cross country 4 humidity relieve 4 my severe cronic pain sever osteoarthristis and reum. i cant spell u must know this isnt you i have a dr now that is like family i cry to them laugh they know my family basically they care i was doing great working out etc then this past visit i told them that my pain is worsening and they say to me u r in severe pain they know im trying i never want to have that feeling again and the last post i couldnt say better but i must tell u i didnt realize that we are in pain pharmacudicals ,i wanna say god lol but they made drugs for us not to suffer i am on 90 percocet 10/325 a month if i ran out i wouldnt feel good so i dont screw it up who would just to get a high we as ppl who are tolerant whouldnt probably feel anyway so i did tell em i was in pain again and i just got a fentynal patch 12.5mcg to use in addittion to my pills my dr would never let u be in pain he calls it inhuman so u can report him i will let u in on a little secret i was a cop this dr probably already got into trouble when pain drs do they r on probationary period they can only prescribe low potency stuff vicodin can be called in its terrible if u have dentist work they take better care of you so this dr is a butt head with a big chip on his shoulders he probably got screwed by some addict getting his license almost yanked u need to look into him but i will take ur story to my dr he will tell me get referral move rt away this is torture i would probably have to take more on my own to compensate my pain levels and push me into screwing up this is a dangerous game we do but we have to live life give yourself a pat on the back know it will be over soon and dont **** him off nicely ask for referral somewhere else do ur research oand or go to primary care dr explain story print these letters cause my dr says pain meds help those who live in hell bringem back to live its beautiful i can ride a bike now i can walk i wake everymorn at 5 am because i can now i am not on couch i live plz get the help hunny we care we were there xoxoxo liz
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Hello Ezmirellda,

Welcome to the Pain Management (PM) Forum. I am so sorry to hear about your poorly managed pain.... and I respectfully disagree with the NP. The key here is two fold,  "hospital describes this Pain Clinic as offering treatment other thaOpioidsds"  and the insightful comments made by beth that began with, "this dr probably already got into trouble"  

Here's a link to information on Addiction VS Dependency. It may help you to print out part of this and take it to yprescribingbing physician. Here's the link:


In my opinion, your actions are not that of Pre-Addiction.... rather one of poorly controlled and managed Chronic Pain. I would search for a Physician that is better educated in PM. I too am on Medicare as I qualified for Social Security Disability.  I am followed by a good PMP that accepts Medicare, many do. You may have to search a bit or drive a bit but the proper care will be well worth it.

I have not read the study that claims less than 1% of ppl with Chronic Pain become Addicts.... but I'm not going to split hairs. The reliable studies I have read indicate less then 4% of Chronic Pain patients ever become addicts. Regardless of which % is correct, it's small. Your Physician should know the difference between Addiction and Dependency.  In my opinion she is giving false information.

I wish you the very best and encourage you to look elsewhere. One providers comments on your medical record can due damge to your reputation for years to come. It's time to move on and do so quickly!!

I hope you'll keep in touch with us. I'll watch for your updates with interest. Hang in my dear, my heart goes out to you.

Take Care,
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I also have pain.  I am getting disc replacement of the c5/6 and c6/7. This pain has been going on for 2 months now.  I have compression of nevers and spinal cord.  All I can say is it hurts really really bad.  I have been couch ridden and can not work.  I am a property manager.  37yo.  I started on hydrocodon and flexiril which  did nothing but now I am on Oxycodone 5-325.  Which is the same as percocet or tylox. Pre-addicted??  That seems funny to me.  If you are not addicted isn't everyone "pre-addicted". That to me is like saying 'pre' anything. I drink does that make me a "pre-alcoholic"?   NO!!  I agree with Tuckamore.  The only other thing I want to mention and I know it is a touchy subject is Medical Marijuana.  If you compair Opioids vs Med. Marijuana, Med. Marijuana wins every time.  I have done alot of reserch on this subject.  I have read multiple accounts, from famous and not famous people, on forums and have found NO down side to med. marijuana.  I do use it and it helps ALOT.  It not only helps me take less opiates, which are addictive, expensive, require a doctors visit everytime I need more, causes dizzyness, loss of appitite, blurred vision, sleeplessness, ect.... it takes away pain and helps with the side effects listed.  It also gives instant relief.  Instead of taking more pills when the pain spikes and waiting 20-30 min for the pill to work I just smoke and it works instantly.  I know smoking is not for everyone and if that is the case you can get THC pills which is the main chem in marijuana.  You have to do your research to find out if you live in a state that offers this pain treatment.  There are currently 15 states that have legalized it.  If you need a list of states go to NORML.ORG.  It has alot of information.  I know the social view of maijuana and I don't care.  I will do anything to alleviate the pain.  I know I am in enough pain that I could get Moriphene or a more powerful pain killer, which they offered and I have taken befor, but the Oxys and pot seem to get rid of the pain and lasts longer between doses.  It is also less expensive and does not effect my mind as much as the Moriphene and opiats.  I will let you know about the surgery later this week.  I will be under the knife in 2 days.  Good luck to all with the pain hope this helped.  All we can do is hope that our pain can be managed and we can live normal lives.   My advice is talk with your doctors and try different things untill you find the thing that works for you.  Remember it is the quality of YOUR life that counts.  Look out for #1 (you) but dont step in #2.  heheheh  
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Well I really have it now. I just read my medical record after my new x-rays came in proving there is more degeneration in my spine. My Arthritis, Fibro, Shingles Neuropathy, Spondylisis, and Scoliosis, Severe Facet Degeneration, etc.are NOT imagined. And a nurse just wrote a diagnosis of "Adjustment Reaction with Mixed Emotional Features". This is the last thing I need following me. It is time for my Vicodin to be refilled and now that is not happening either. So I am worse with no pain meds and a broad inaccurate diagnosis made not by a Psychiatric Professional or a Doctor.  This is now influencing my present and future care. I am in pain but not suicidal or over reacting. I go to this institution/hospital as I get care without insurance. How can I strike this from my record? How can I get much needed pain meds?
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holy cow i would cry just couldnt do it this is so dangerous u have no idea how could this quak think its safe for u to just w/d like this get his medical license number and turn em in u need help i would go to pain mngt or a methadone clinic u r not an addict but u r going to be in severe w/d very sick how many do u have left were do u live tuckamore may have an idea gosh i will do the best i can private IM me and i see if i can look up a clinic at least methadone clinic its ten buck a day and they have to help u its usually 4 addicts so dont get freaked out if they can help them they can help u methadone i used 15 mlg for pain in 08 some ppl are on 200 mlg so i think a low dose is great for your pain but hit up tuck she listened to my whole sob story when i still had sedatives in my system lol poor thing
well get with me now so i can help you ur ganna be so sick why did they say they quit were u on contract? was this short term they have to discuss this with you dang it i gatta pray for u hunny contact me there r resources
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