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L5-SI back pain - sciatic nerve

I have an L5-SI protruding annulus - with sciatic nerve damage on the left side (numbness in left leg). I am being seen at a pain management center and am in the middle of havng shots in my back. I have had a total of 4 so far - each one being in different areas.  After each injection they tell me it will take a few days for the shots to take affect, however I hurt worse and the pain intensifies.  The last shots I had were the worst - I know have numbness in the right side - the shot must have hit the sciatic nerve.  Now I have numbness in both legs.  I am taking tramado hcl 50mg and tizanidine hcl 4mg for the pain and muscle spasms.  I have an ulcer and am limited on what I take. Trying to sleep at night is stressful, I wake up every 2 - 3 hours in extreme pain.  I went through PT and that did not help - i was in more pain after wards.
I would like to hear from someone who has similar problems and what they have done.
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The only thing that helped me when I had L5S1 ruptured disk into the nerve sac was surgery.  The longer you wait the damage to the nerve gets worse and will take longer to heal.  In my case surgery wasn't done for a year, I had 5 very stupid doctors with 5 stupid opinions, and the damage done to the nerve was mild but never really totally went away. I still have bouts of sciatica 21 yrs after the surgery.  I know there are many great changes now but I don't know of any one who had success with the shots when the herniation went into the nerves.  I have had many shots in my butt and in my back for various reasons and 75% of them did nothing good.  The same for many people that I know that also had the shots.  See a neurosurgeon or an orthopedic surgeon for a consult.  Good Luck to you.
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thanks - i will check with my primary doctor and see what he says - thanks for your info -
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It sounds like you def need to see a Neuro surgeon due to the location.

Do you know anyone that may know of a good one in your area ?
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My situation is very similar to yours, except my pain comes and goes.

First, I was wondering if the PM doc you were seeing is a specialist in Spinal Procedures only?  My Rheumy wanted me to see one to get epidurals...but he only did spinal procedures and thats it.

Second, if they numbness continues then Im going with embla on this one...I would find a neurologist.  Maybe a neuro would be able to run some tests to see if there is any nerve damage that would be causing the numbness and tingling.
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the doc i see is a specialist - they did the test on my leg and found nerve damage.  they do a lot more than just back problems - they also do headache problems too.  i'm in the KC area and the place i go to is the headache and pain center.  i just had a check up with my primary doctor and asked him a bunch of questions about the treatments i am receiving.  he said the place is really good and he has quite a few patience that go there - the only thing he did tell me is that the amount of pain i am in that maybe i should consider surgery.  my pain is constant at about a 7 - 10 every day/night.  i have another appt with the treament center this week and i will speak to them about the further treatments, etc.  i'm just tired of being in pain constantly.  my primary doc did give me talwin nx to take instead of the tramadol - he said it is a little stronger and should help with my sleeping at night.  
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i had my visit with the pain management today - they have referred me to a neurosurgery - will have to have an mri done in the meantime and then set appt with them.  pain is still severe - let me know what i can expect.

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