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Multiple Major injuries

I have had major multiple injuries in the last 10 years. Shattered shoulder blade, fractures of: L4-L5 processes, sternum, both wrists (distal radius) several fingers, ankle, foot avulsion, major knee injury both sides (ACL and medial crucial ligament) The list actually goes on and on. What I'm asking is HOW am I going to make it 30 years from now when I'm in my 60's if I hurt this bad now?
It makes me angry when I'm in pain. I've also gained a bunch of weight because I couldn't move for a long time with some of the injuries.
Been diagnosed with spondilosis (sp?) of cervical and lumbar spine, arthritis in the fingers I broke, degenerative disc disease (every single disc in my cervical and lumbar spine are bulging)
Please somebody tell me what to do. Right now all I've done is TRY to exercise and take pain medication. Unfortunately, 10 mg of hydrocodone just doesn't help anymore.
I've done at least 100 trips to the Physical Therapist and work on a home program as well.
I am so sad- somebody please help me.
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Hi Lovemyr6,

Welcome to the Pain Mangement Forum. I am very glad that you found us and took the time to post your questions and concerns. We may not have the answers for you but we are supportive and can empathize with your pain and the challenges that it presents. My heart goes out to you.

You may want to consult a pain management therapist. A good one will help you with the questions that you have expressed. It is frightening when you are young and in pain and look towards the future. I began this journey in my early thirties. I can relate. Pain seems to have peaks and valleys. Some months or years we may be stable or even note some improvement. It is not all down hill from here though it may appear that way to you right now.

I am not in my sixties yet but I can attest to the fact that I have made it through twenty years with chronic pain.  You can too and life is not bleak or over. I also had multiple injuries that have left me with many limitations and chronic pain. You may have to make some adjustments but you'll find ways to manage it.

Follow your physicians recommendations to the best of your ability. The future will have many new ways to treat pain and conditions. When I was initially injured there were repairs that could not be done that are now being done every day. So don't think that this is all there is, there is hope.

If your pain is not being well managed you may want to consult a PMP. If you are being treated by a PMP and still feel your pain is not controlled that I encourage you to obtain a second opinion. You have a long road ahead of you. It is imperative to have a good relationship with your treating physician. I cannot express enough how important a great patient-doctor relationship is for ppl in chronic pain.

Please don't be sad. We are here for you. Our members may have better suggestions. The journey you are on is a difficult one but it is not impossible.

Have you consulted a D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathy)? They understand the importance of your body structures all functioning in unison. A good D.O. can often offer additional treatments and recommendations beyond  what an MD can offer.

Please keep in touch and become active in our community. I cannot tell you how important support and collaboration from others that deal with chronic pain every day can be. I will look forward to your updates and continued participation in our community. I wish you the very best.

Take Care,
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Thank you so much for your wonderful email. Believe it or not, while I was reading your post and my body involuntarily relaxed and my pain level went from an 8 to about a 4. This is incredible, ya'll are incredible. Thank you
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I just re-read your answer to me as now I am on some meds from PM doc. I am printing out your post because it really does reduce my pain a bit. If nothing else, I realize that I'm not alone and my body relaxes and releases some of this.
Thanks again!
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