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My Adderall and pain meds stopped working, why

Didn't build a tolerance, they just stopped working after about 20yrs
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What meds are they, the names and dosages and how long have you been at the current doses?
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There could be a myriad of reasons why you feel they aren’t working, so if you can be a bit clearer about why you feel they aren’t working as before, that might help narrow down possible reasons.
Adderall 30mg twice a day 26yrs. Ms contain 5yrs. Vicodin 15 yrs. The medications started losing their affect a little at a time until they totally quit working lately
So that is tolerance. It might help to have your doctors switch meds for a bit. They can usually do so at a lower dose and after a few months, rotate meds so tolerance issues are delayed for extended periods of time.
Yea, that what Dr is doing now, switching meds... Thank you
Swapping meds out has worked for me for many years. I like to rotate every 1-2 years, and despite severe spine issues, have managed to keep my meds at low doses for the last 20 years. It’s worked out well for me.
Good for you!! Hope things go well for you
No none of the above, your pill pusher M.D, has not yet been questioned.. for the issue is within the him, not you
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How's the issue Dlions?  Has this gotten better?  
Yes, had a couple medication changes, things are better now
Glad to hear this, and things are going better.
Reconcile. ?  A med Recon
Hello VRC, yes, it is typical with some medications that changing/rotating them keeps them more effective over the long term, and usually requires lower dosing for longer periods.
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You have taken the human Brain, and biologically dulled out ,( burnt) out it's receptors
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Welcome to the Pain Managrment forum Very Rare Case. How can we help you?
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