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Percocet withdrawal when stopping and start Fentanyl?

Hi, I have been on Percocet 10/325 along with Neurontin, Flexeril, Valium for about a decade. I was switched to 75 MCG Fentanyl patch 2 weeks ago. Valium was stopped 3 weeks ago. The 1st week I could not sleep at all. Drowsy, though. Shaky, cold.  My doctor said it was withdrawal. Now at week 2, I sleep about 2 hours, very shaky, freezing cold, (I never get cold) Absolutely miserable BUT have great pain relief. Must stay in bed. I would not be able to dress or pick up next month prescription in this condition. My other opinion is nothing. I have severe Intractable Pain. My doctor is also on vacation for the next 2 weeks.
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What was your total dosage of Oxycodone/Tylenol (Percocet) per day-? I know you said 10/325 but how many doses per day? It may be that the conversion to fentanyl was too high a dose... given your description of symptoms, they aren’t typical withdrawal, but sound more like the fentanyl dose was too high.  
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4 average per day for many, many years. I could take more with no adverse effects.  I too thought maybe the dose was too high, though always had a high tolerance & why I was allowed a high dose. Symptoms the same though since not replacing patch 3 days ago.
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Oh sheesh, your doctor is gone for 2 weeks?  You posted this two days ago. Is it any better poppycake?  I think for me, being in bed like that would be very difficult with family.  I hope that this has gotten better.  This trade off could not work long term, I wouldn't think.  Is your doctor not covered by someone else during this time?  Why did they switch your regime?
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I stopped the patch due to be replaced 2 days ago. Symptoms worse as of last night. . Shaky, tremors, cold, no sleep. Have been completely non-functional. Dr gone for a month per nurse. Nurse now said to re-apply patch. Also told cannot go back to oral meds per pain contract & no doctor will prescribe. In fact new insurance denied and no pharmacy would fill because of fake prescription opiod crisis. . I was switched because the garage generics were not working well, dr thought the patch would work better for me.  I didn't apply patch yet.
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