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Relief for right hip and pelvic pain

I've had a right hip/pelvic pain for about two years - I've done everything to try to figure it out, MRI, which revealed a labial tear around my ball socket joint, but the hip doctor said that's not whats causing pain. They did a steroid injection but it didn't help - he thinks its muscle related.  I went to GYN and had ultrasounds, they said there was a small cyst, but follow up ultrasound said it was gone - but I still have pain. I've been to chiropractors, physical therapy, massage, and now I just went for two more MRI's today to see if there is anything new since my last one a year and a half ago. I've had colonoscopy, nobody can seem to diagnose what the pain is. It started about two years ago when I was sitting a lot to do online classes.  I get some relief if I use a pillow between legs, or have a firm foundation when lying down, but I have pain all day, all night, it never goes away. I've had blood tests, xrays and the doctor doesn't think its lupus or arthritis.  Its crazy that no one seems to really be able to tell me what the issue is - I've seen five different doctors and a physical therapist.  The latest question is maybe endometriosis, but my GYN didn't think it was that. I have had two ectopic pgs, one 32 years ago and another 17 years ago, on both sides, no tubes left, but I still have my ovaries.  Has anyone else had this kind of pain?  I've tried different pain meds - and usually I have to take a sleeping pill just to be able to sleep at night but I still toss and turn from pain all night.  I feel like I'm going crazy because no one can seem to figure this out.  
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Hi, sorry for the slow response.
Have you had an MRI of your lower back?
When I had ruptured a disc my first symptom was hip pain. As time went on it felt as if I were sitting on a large softball or grapefruit.  I guess I was lucky it only went on for the summer.  I am so sorry for your pain.
I also read many many years ago that hip pain can be a symptom of calcium deficiency.  I wish I could remember where....
Oh...and old nutritional book by Adelle Davis.
While old it is still good for information.
I also have a book called  Nutritional Healing, I have the 4th edition I think there are later ones
Good luck
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