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Trigger Points?

For the last nine years, I have suffered from neurological symptoms following an automobile accident. The primary issues I have are with migraine headaches and a constant sense of dizziness.  I’ve seen many doctors and have had every relevant scan performed, but nothing shows any significant damage to my bone structure or nervous system that would cause these symptoms. My migraines are now under much better control through medication, but the dizziness remains. I did not suffer a concussion during the accident, and my symptoms did not occur until around 4 months afterward.

At this point, I’m considering whether the muscles and joints in my neck were injured in the accident, causing trigger points to form which have simply not be dealt with properly since that time. From what I’ve read, trigger points can certainly refer headache pain to the areas where I usually experience headaches. However, I am uncertain about the dizziness involved. My question is: Does anybody with trigger points in the neck also suffer with symptoms of dizziness or vertigo? If so, how would you describe the dizziness? Does it ever go away, or is it always present when turning your head independently of the body?

Thank you to anyone who is able to respond.  
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Yes, you probably have suffered whiplash.  If you can find a physical therapist or a massage therapists that uses myofacial release or cranial sacral release your dizziness would likely improve. Acupunture would probably help also. I've dealt with this since a 1979 accident & in 2015 I fell 6 feet off a ladder and ended up with a level 3 cervical fusion. Alas, the fusion failed so I do all 3 in addition to epidurals and a TEN's unit.
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I know everything you are talking about but I also have Lupus (in addition to an injury from a car accident) so it took me a few years to know my triggers. Try acupuncture or a chiropractor office, it might help.

There is another non additive pain management with Vivera, called Tvia - it's a non additive and a great alternative to "normal" pain killers.  Hope you feel better
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I feel like one of my 'triggers' is very up high in my neck behind my ear.  I'm so afraid to see a chiropractor because that feels too much to have an adjustment that high up.  I've not heard of Vivera or Tvia.  I will look those up.  Thank you!!  
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Trigger points are the worst.  I found someone that was a medical massage therapist.  It was almost life changing. Chronic issues that I had got much better. The massage wasn't your typical 'feel good' massage and in fact didn't feel all that great during the time. But they would release the trigger point if that makes sense.  I haven't been able to afford one for a while now and miss it greatly.  I try to rub a tennis ball over a trigger point (I  know where mine are from my massage therapist) and I also use icy hot patches on the area.  This does give me a bit of relief.  I feel for you.
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My best friend does. She often gets trigger point injections which seem to help her quite a bit during flare ups.
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Thanks. I'm looking into the injections, but I'm not sure how to find a doctor who knows the right areas to target. I still believe that trigger points in my neck are causing my dizziness symptoms, but it's something that I've been unable to fix thus far.
A pain management or headache specialist will know which areas may be related to the pain based on their exam and your symptoms.
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