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Why Morphine isn't working?

I have been on Loritabs #10 x4 a day for about a year. I recently went to see a Pain Management doctor who has now put me on 15mg Morphine. I feel absolutely nothing from the morphine, absolutely nothing as if I am taking a placebo pill!
I am afraid to call the doctors office to complain or even mention that to him. Does anyone know how to approach my doctor without sounding as if I'm pill surfing?  I have RA, optical migraines, and much more going on to merit morphine, but when I don't even feel relief I am at lost.
Can anyone help?
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It may simply not work for you or maybe your dosing needs to be changed. I would contact your PM doc and tell them what you have explained here. Bring in the remaining morphine pills when you see him if he switches your prescription. I was told that Morphine is one of the less expensive meds. Maybe this is why they decided to try you on this med. This way they can see what you have taken and what you have left. personally it didn't work for me and it made me very ill. I took the meds to my doc and they wrote a different prescription for me.
Good luck to you!
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I was made an appointment on Thursday, to, as they said: "count my pills" I felt so aweful about the mistrust I just allowed the process to happen. After counting my pills the doctor asked me to continue with the Morphine and come back in in two weeks. I was glad the count was right on after the nurse replaced the pills in the bottle but mortified that they mistrusted me! So, I am still taking these pills that do not work and will go back in in two weeks. Thanks for the advice
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Twinkie, i wouldn't consider a pill count as they don't trust you, its standard policy in pain management and the doctor have to cover their behind when prescribing pain medication over the long term. I think its safe to say that most people in pain management has pill counts. I know they count mine at every single appointment, but its also stated in the contract that everyone that my doctor see's has to do this, so don't take it personally. 8-)

Also, they usually want you to give new medication time to see if it will help, usually at least a month or 2 before they titrate up or change the medication completely. Try to be patient. Also it would be a good idea to keep a pain journal that you can share at your next appointment.
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