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Why would dilaudid and fentanyl not work to relieve any of my post-op pain?

In 2014, I went into the ER with severe pain to learn I had a large tumor on my ovary causing ovarian torsion. They gave me morphine , which did nothing. When I snapped at the nurse (sorry, I was in so much pain), like "what did you even give me?"

I was transferred to the OB-GYN unit until my operation, since I was pregnant. They gave me stadol, which did help reduce my pain at least a little bit.

They woke me up and had given me morphine, so of course, I could feel every single cut and stitch from them removing my ovary. I writhed in pain until I passed out.

I recently had another surgery. I told them morphine was ineffective for me. They woke me up with dilaudid, and once again, I got to experience what it's like to be tortured. The last thing I remember is them sedating me because they claimed to have given me fentanyl after that, which again, also did not work. They just sedated me until they forced me out of bed and sent me home in that pain.

I did some research and apparently morphine, dilaudid and fentanyl are all in the same class of drugs. Would it not be contraindicated to give a patient who states morphine doesn't work some other related drug? Obviously, I'm not a medical professional.

But what happened? Why didn't anything work? Can someone give me some insight?

I am not a drug user. I've never used drugs a day in my life, aside from occasional alcohol intake.

How do I prevent this from happening again?
I don't ever want to experience this again.
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You'll have to let your Dr know these meds don't work for you. There are several other meds they can try on you. For post operative pain they could try Percoset, Oxycodone, Oxycotin, not sure if I spelled that one right.
I'm so sorry you went through that much pain. After trying these meds and them bot working it would have been a good idea to try one of the meds I mentioned above.
My sister takes Morphine for her RA pain and it works really well. She was first tried on Percocet and it did nothing for her pain.We're all so different and respond to meds differently.
Have a talk with your Dr about all of this in case you ever need a pain med in the future. That way he/she will know not to even bother with the meds they tried on you before and choose something else.
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Everyone's body will metabolise the various pain meds differently. I cannot use Dilaudid or Oxycotin, they do nothing for me. So we all had the workable solutions and the not so workable. As Remar mentioned, let your doctor know.
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