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I have found that the one pain med I take seems like it causes anxiety.I was diagnosed with anxiety issues not severe but they are still there.When I am on my normal routine it just seems like I am short on patience.It seems that most people around here that go to a clinic for thier pain meds they just slap them on xanax and thats that,but these clinics are $200 a month no refills cash only,if I had health insurance it would not help me with these clinics..I Just think that these clinics seem a little hokey and unprofessional.I guess my question is do other people have this issue to?what meds work best for you?
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Hello Robert,

Welcome to the Pain Management Forum. I am glad that you found us and took the time to post....but sorry to hear about the problems you are experiencing with meds and your clinic.

In what state do you reside? What type of a clinic(s) is treating you? Were you diagnosed only with anxiety or are you also a chronic pain patient?

My prescribing physician does not treat me with anti-anxiety medications. I do take diazepam once in a great while for severe muscle spasms as the usual "muscle relaxers" were not very effective for me. But that med is prescribed in addition to pain medications. It is not what I call a primary medication....just a "helping" one.

The local clinics in my area are very reluctant to prescribe anxiety medications. It may be your state or the specific clinic(s) that you are attending. I know it's especially tough when you do not have health insurance.

Are you able to seek treatment at another clinic? If so I would certainly do so. If you are not comfortable with your current care I would move on, quickly.

Others may have better suggestions. I hope you will let us know how you are doing.

Take Care,
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Thank you for your reply..I actually have the most legitament pain management in my area..the area in question is the Pikeville,Ky. area..this is a beautiful area in the mountains but, the substance abuse is so bad here (or so glamourised) that it is hard to get just average healthcare let alone anything better..I am actually from kansas city and there we had great doctors and healthcare but out here it is the differance between night and day..back to the original subject,i also took valium for more than ten years while in kc by a shrink for anxiety and it worked great but here it is almost impossible to get unless you join a clinic at $200 a month.my pain management doctor kinda passes the buck on the valium and xanax and says get that from your family doc well due to not having insurance i am at the mercy of who will see me cheaply and they just will not write benzos..i have all kinds of records i could transfer that shows no abuse but they just will not have any of it..the valium really really took care of nasty muscle spasms that makes me pull over on the side of the road sometimes..but,what can you do..fight it out til i get medicare in 10/2012.......
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I can't tell you a good anti-anxiety that isn't too additive but I hate Xanax. It makes me sick.I get dizzy, can't eat, feel faint etc. I take Klonopin, for a migraine variant, but once you are on that you are on it and it is very hard to get off of unless you only take it for a very short time. I am on it for life as I don't plan on getting off as it has controlled my problems for 16 years. I get and have gotten a lot of flack for it but I don't care they can think what they want. It was I that had to get diagnosed and it took about 10 years. So, I hope Xanax works better for you. It is short acting.
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thanks for your reply..i also have had problems with xanax in the past and will not take it ever again..valium,to me is a much smoother better drug that i can stop taking and not worry about seizing..i know,they are very similiar but i have seized off of xanax and went on valium and never had a problem ever but they dont like writing it around here at all,it really *****..
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I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner as I meant to reply here to your pm as well.  I have a similar situation in my state, FL, with the PM clinics.  They cost about $200 a month and most of them do require an MRI but they are notorious for the abuse rates.
I have been having a similar problem with my PM in that he apparently just wants to prescribe my pain med with no discussion.  It's pretty frustrating.
I was on Klonopin for years at night to sleep and I was able to taper relatively quickly off of it so I know it can be done.  I was on 1mg a night and I know compared to some doses that is somewhat low.  I found the Klonopin to work pretty well for anxiety for me.  I hope you're able to find a doctor to help you with this.  Anxiety really does suck!
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thanks for your reply.yes,it just seems like nobody wants to write these meds.i know why there has been alot of deaths around here with people using or abusing oxycontin mixing it with xanax and alchohol and basically not waking up.i do have an appointment next week with a new family doctor.when i was in kc i had a shrink that wrote 120 valium 10 mg a month like clock work,but well he was a good guy but that might have been a little overkill.hopefully,i can get this guy to write one half that.i tell you what our emergency room here locally will not write you a vicodin,i dont see how they keep thier lincenses,because that is not emergency medicine..it is bad here...
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