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best pain reduction for neropatic pain?

I have neuropathic pain in hands and around chest area down to waist it squeeze's me like a tight wrap and I feel like I am freezing cold all the time. my hands are stiff and I am loosing control of them  I have had no luck so far with drugs: GABAPENTIN 800 MG 4X DAY
                   BACLOFEN    30MG    4XDAY
                   HYDROMORPHONE 8MG 3X DAY
                   MORPINE SULFATE ER60MG  EVERY 8 HOURS
                   LEXAPRO    20MG    1X DAY
PLEASE HELP ME i have tried other pain medications and anti depresion meds with side effects
COLD AIR and fans make me crazy with pain and tingling. i have trouble in summer because i cant tell when i am too hot and become over heated and almost black out.
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Hello. I know about debilitating pain. I have degenerative disc disease. It wasn't that big of a deal for 40 years...I'd just go to the chiropractor when I couldn't take the pain (should NOT wait that long) and be good to go for months, if I didn't do something stupid.
In your posting, there's no history of treatment other than drugs.
    Does anybody know what's causing your pain?
    Have you seen a Neurologist for a NCT-Nerve Conduction Test?
    If you've had no major accident effecting bone structure, discuss chiropractic                                 with your doctor....most M.D.'s today do acknowledge the benefits.
    Is Arthritis a factor?
    Has anyone considered Fibromyalgia?
    Talk to your Dr. about Cymbalta, Lyrica.
    Consider any kind of exercise. If you have Medicare, there's a benefit, Silver Slippers, that give you a free membership to any health/fitness facility that participates. If so, go for the one with all the good stuff: pool, sauna, whirlpool, etc. The one I found offers everything from Aquasize to Zumba. And Yoga, which is good for mind, body & soul.
    Consider Flector Patches & Voltaren Gel. They contain the same medication, a strong NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug). I've gotten relief with both forms, but they're pricey.
    Now, that's what I'd call a 'honey-do' list. If you need support, take someone with you to the doctor(s). Many people are reluctant to question a medical professional. Remember, practicing medicine is just that.
    Make a list before seeing a doctor. I never go without one because I hate getting home & realizing I forgot to bring things up. If you're not happy with your doctor's attitude, cooperation, answers, anything.......there's a lot o' fish in that sea. Just sayin'. Hope you feel better! God bless.  
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A recently new medication, pregabalin (Lyrica), which is similar to Nurontin (gabapentin) is considered tobe the top of the line medication for treating neuropathic pain, today.

However, neuropathic pain, expecially peripheral neuopathy is very difficult to treat. Best results are achieved through mutlple modes of treatment. Interventional techniques can be helpful Consult with an interventional pain doctor (credentialed from the Board of American Pain Medicine) where you'll find the initials DABPM after their MD, and see what he has to say.

Don't give up. As a prior poster noted, you are just beginning to scratch the surface of pain treatment.There are many alternatives yet to explored.

Best wsihes.
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