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drug test fail

hey guys I have a question. I have been going to pain management for almost 3 years now I get drug tested monthly and have never had any issues with a failed test until this past month. I am prescribed 2 5mg Norco a day for chronic bilateral knee pain and back pain. I was a couple days from my appointment date and was out of meds. my girl friend had some left over meds from an oral surgery. She gave me a couple of her pain meds and mistakenly though they where the same as I was taking but they where Percocet instead. I didn't realize until I went to another doctor affiliated with the pain management and hospital I go to and they gave me a labs print out it said pending labs oxycodone conformation. but the pain management hasn't contacted me about this. Do you think they will release me from pain management ? this was an honest mistake. What if I explain this to my doctor at my next appointment date?
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I wish I could tell you what will happen but I'm really new to pain management myself and will be having my first appointment tomorrow.
From what I read about pain clinics they have you sign an agreement that you will take only what you're prescribed, you will not give any of your medication away and you will not take other peoples medication. If you break the contract or fail a urine test they have the right to stop seeing you. They probably won't see this as an honest mistake because in the contract it says that you will not take another persons medication.
All you can do is be honest will them about what happened and hope they will continue to see you. I really wish I could be of more help but with the new drug laws Drs are getting more and more strict.
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I did sign a contact but you it was a foolish but honest mistake. I will be a man and own up to my mistake. All I can do is be honest and see what happens. It just ***** I have been there all this time and never had a bad urine test or bad pill count. I have a pretty good relationship with the Dr and he seems to be an understanding guy I will just be honest and explain hopefully it will give me a second chance.. thanks for the comment..
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Ive been going 3 years ive made one mistake, she said I want get another break..so be honest!!!
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thank you that makes me feel a little better..
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Not to be a johnny raincloud but i do think u will have a problem. Something in that contract that u signed gives them the right to drop u. Now wether they will or not im not sure, but they can if they want. Ive heard other stories on here where the pain mgt drs were really strict with it b/c they could lose their licenses.
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hey guys I went to my appointment and talked to my doctor at pain management. Things went well he knew something was up because it was unlike me to have a bad test. I was completely honest and he let it slide said he never suspected any abuse or any wrong doing. Thanks for all of your input honest mistakes happen, and honesty goes a long ways
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Glad to hear the good news and thanks for sharing the final result, as this is important information for others in your position who read this forum.

Best wishes.
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