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fentaynl patches

my doctor put me on 50 mg fentayl patches, this is a dumb question but how do you make them stick on? I have tried cleaning the area with alcohol still didnt stick, I have tried different areas of my body, no luck, I have already lost two of them, can't find them and don't know how to keep them on.. I have tried taping them everything I can think of and nothing seems to work. any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.
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Hi Scaredmom,

First of all this is not a dumb question. You will find a similar discussion in our archives. I'm guessing about four or five months ago. Some ppl's skin just seem to have more problems with the "sticking" process. Call your pharmacist and he/she can suggest some products to help the patch adhere. There are several on the market and they can be a bit pricey.

Also call the manufacture and most of them will send you something similar for adhesion but it should not cost you any thing. Obviously it will take longer to obtain it from the manufacturer. So in the meantime contact your pharmacist.

I didn't have a problem with them staying put. I tend to have normal to dry skin and live in a cold climate maybe that makes a difference. I placed mine on the back of my shoulder, with my husband's assistance.  

Good luck and please share with us what works for you.
Take Care,
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Hi, I am no longer on the fentanyl patches, but did have them for a while.  I discontinued them because I never got through the tiredness that they made me feel.  Usually the body will adjust, but I was falling asleep all day long.

But...to your question, try different spots on your body, some areas may work better for them sticking on.  I found that they would stay on in the area under my collar bone, or on one side of my arm, but not the other.  Also, as Tuckamore suggested, your pharmacist should be able to recommend a cover patch that will help keep it on.  
I have also heard that certain drug companies will provide some, but I don't remember which one, but you could try calling the company that makes the patches you are on.

I've also heard of people using visine on their skin before sticking it on, and stretching the skin taut before putting it on, may be worth a try?

One of the worst problems of them not sticking, is that the medicine will not absorb if it's not on, and if it falls off and you do not notice, you may go into withdrawals, or just get no pain relief.  The fentanyl will stay in your system longer than other drugs, but you want to keep the patches, rotating them every 3 days (or as prescribed) to keep an even level of the drug in your system, and if it falls off, that cannot happen.

One big caution, is to be careful...if the patch falls off and you cannot find it, it would be dangerous for pets, or kids if they found it---all used patches should be folded and flushed!

I hope it works for you...finding the right medicine can be a trial and error...I've gone through a few, and if you have any questions, go ahead and message me:)
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I have been on Fentanyl patches for about two years. I had the same problem at first. I have found if you spray the area with antipersprant it with keep the area dry. I put the patches on my lower stomach, my panties help to keep them in place.  Good luck.
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I found the what brand you get makes a difference.  The Mylan brand worked best for me.  I also make sure to shave the area before hand.  I also put it on my upper thigh as it is a larger flater surface and seems to stay better.  

The other brand they had me on first sucked.  It had a gel type stuff in it and also the adhisive gave me a rash so I made them put it in my file at the pharmacy to only fill my prescription with the my
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I have been on them for about two months now and have also lost two of them. I have had both sandoz and myland and they both had problems for me adhering to my skin wherever I put it.
As for calling the drug company well I did, they WON'T send you anything to help them stick but will give you some advice and guidance but you will probably already know all those things.
Best success I've found so far: On the lower abdomen right under the band of your underpants or nickers, ensure you don't have a lot of hair down there, I know this is a little personal but it really works. Place them off center and change from left side to right side.
Good luck.
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When I was using the patches I bought "Nexcare Absolute Waterproof Premium Adhesive Pads" to put over them.  I was told that they were "breathable".  They just barely covered the entire the patch and allowed it to adhere for the entire 72 hours and this was in the heat of the summer where I was sweating profusely.  I put mine on my upper arm and as long as I cleaned the area real good, with alcohol like you're doing, before applying, I didn't have any problems.  The brand Mylan worked the best for me too.  I was able to purchase them at my local neighborhood pharmacy as opposed to the big chains.
I also wish you the best of luck.
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I have been on fentaynl patches for about 4 months.  I had trouble also keeping them on. Since I am so weak. I have my sons put it on for me.  I have had no problems since.  I also had my dr. change it to every 48 hours in stead of 72 hours.  This made a big difference. The medicine stays in my system constantly.  When the patch starts to wear off you don't get the amount of medicine you are suppose to get.  I am currently on 75 mg patches plus break through pain meds during the night when it is most painful.  Walmart sells the tape to place over the patches but like most of us.  Money is tight.  See what you doctor can do for you, But good luck with that most of them are hard headed and don't want to make changes unless you tell them you can't afford the taps and to see if you can put in on every other day.  It make a big diffence.  Good Luch!
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