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Anyone know anything about BuTran patches??? Do they work??? Dr put me.on this curious b4 i start it.
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Hi I had never heard of this so I did a search and found this


I hope it helps you
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Hi and welcome to the pain management community!

It is very important to understand that everyone responds to medication differently.  Just because the Butrans patches didn't work for someone else, doesn't mean that it won't work for you.

I have read posts from others that have said that they work very well and some that said the Butrans patches didn't work well for their pain.  Everyone is different.

Fentanyl patches are 80-100 times stronger than morphine.  You MUST be opioid tolerant to use the Fentanyl patches.  Opioid tolerant means taking at least 60 mg of morphine daily for 2 weeks or more.  

It is recommended that opioids are started on the lowest dose required to effectively control the pain.  As tolerance develops, naturally more opioid is required to achieve the same amount of pain relief.  Jumping to the Fentanyl patch without trying the other less potent opioids in between is CONTRADICTED.

I hope that the Butrans patches effectively manage your pain and please do keep us updated with your results.  Take care.

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My friend was given those and they didn't work for her, I am on the fentanyl patches and they work wonders, but everyone is different... good luck
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