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l5 - S1 bulging disc

I have extremely bad back and leg pain which I went to see my neurosurgeon about. She said that my MRI showed a bulging disc at L5-S1. I had a microdisectomy 5 years ago during college at the same level. I started physical therapy last tuesday and it seems to have made me worse. She also prescibed a nerve root block on Friday which has resulted in worse pain in my legs to the point that I don't sleep well. At what point do you call it quits and get a second opinion. She has mentioned a fusion as my only other option but I know that there are artifical disc now available. I am only 28 and would like to get my life back. Before I had my first surgery I would run everyday and play tennis and golf. Running hasn't been an option for 5 years and looks like tennis and golf and even walking are now not a possibility. Does anyone know any good neurosurgeons in the Oklahoma or Texas area?
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Hello and welcome to the Pain Management Forum. I am sorry you have such back pain. What makes it's so difficult for you is that you are so young and this is a long standing issue.

It is never too early get obtain a second opinion! Indeed I would suggest that you do that before you agree to any surgery. In my opinion large clinics attached or associated with teaching/university hospitals offer that latest and greatest options.

Irishweaver has apparently offered you a good referral. I am sorry that I do not know your area and cannot offer suggestions from personal experience. Best of luck in your search. Please let us know how you are doing. We are here to support and listen.

Take Care,
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Hi bladbn:  I have had multiple back surgies (5) in the lumbar region and I say you need a second opinion as soon as you get one.  I am getting my care at a military hospital here so if you are eligible for care both Wilford Hall Medical Center and Brooke Army Medical Center have neurosurgeons, but you will have to contact Tricare about that.  There is a great (non-military) Neurosurgery group in San Antonio where I live called the Neurosurgery Associates of San Antonio (NASA - cute) and they have a stellar reputation.  I have not seen any of them myself, but that's where I would go if I couldn't/didn't get my care at Wilford Hall. There website is:


All I have to say is don't wait - the longer your problems go on the harder it is to recover.  I am a person who srongly believes that surgery should be your last option, but it sounds like you are there.  If you put it off for too long you could be risking losing control of your bladder and legs.  If that happens take yourself to the nearest ER and get seen; this happened to me, but they did surgery and I recovered the use of my legs and bladder.  I hope all goes well for you, please update us.  
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