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was on methdone now on perks for cronc pain

i was on methadone high and low doses...i detoxed myself off the meth...now on perks not doing anything...

since im on low dose of oxycodone but have a tolerance to 10 mgs aday..can i start taking methadone after my next visit with pain management doc..

like how does perks ratio to methadone..i not wanting to ever go over 20 mgs again..was 160 mgs 3 yrs ago..a dockter got me up that high..is no longer a doc..dea got him,...thanks
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How many of what strength percs are you taking? I went from 10 norcos to 50 mcs fentynal patches to 4x10mgs of methadone. So maybe taking 2-3 max of 10mgs per day meth. Be conservative starting out since you could die if you take to much up front.

BTW - How did you detox from meth, what was it like, how long did it take, etc?
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I'm really not sure of the exact conversion but I do know methadone is a good deal stronger than oxycodone.  
I do believe that it would be possible to take methadone with oxycodone for break-through pain if your doctor prescribes it at your next appt.
One of our Community Leaders posted a medication conversion chart in her journal.  It's handy for getting an idea of the equivalency of different pain meds.  I only warn you that it can be kind of disappointing if you find from the chart that you're on a very low dose compared to what you were previously taking.
I hope you're able to find the dose and med combination that works for you.

Here's the link to Sandee's journal and the medication conversion tool:
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