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Waiting on tests, scared of Pancreatic Cancer as are many here.

46 year old male, had bad diarrhea for maybe a year or more, lost10 pounds in 6 months, endoscopy and colonoscopy in July showed simply inflammation.  Take antacid, less diahrreah but yellow stools, came back to Dr with further weight loss in October, 10 more pounds lost, nausea, lack of hunger on and off, pain in left upper quadrant and burning in chest but physically active still.  Lower back hurts on and off sometimes severe, stools yellow with often a oil skim on the surface, especially with diarrhea.
Dr. ordered stool test, blood and in one week from now an ultrasound.  Funny thing, EKG was done, said heart attack, ER docs laughed after blood work and xrays saying false positive from being a jogger with a thing heart wall???  Blood, too many young red blood cells and low lymphocytes, bilirubin 1.4 which is what is has been for a year, CA-19 is only 7.  Liver enzymes were not excitable I guess either.  Stool (one time) no fat malabsorption.
So, next is an ultrasound, one week out, stools are turning gray/clay colored verses yellow, pain in chest is on and off upper left quadrant, fatigue after my runs.  I know I am younger than most pancreatic cancer patients, but scared still of possible results and too scared that ultrasound may miss a tumor if there is one present.  Unlike most, I have lost a lot of weight quite easily.  Thoughts?
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Your symptoms are non-specific and the blood work normal. Hoping that you are dealing with nothing other than a mild, temporary condition that resolves itself. Take care.
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