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Is this permanent

Hello- I just went to Vegas for my bachelor party this past Friday night. I am very much a social drinker and do not drink during the week or hard on the weekends. For my bachelor party I probably drank the hardest I have in my life. Waking up and drinking and drinking all night. This party lasted until Sunday when I got to the airport and i started to feel odd. I started having my first panic attack in the airport and then on the plane. I threw up on the plane and asked the flight attendant to ask for a doctor on board. They gave my Dramamine and it knocked me out so I survived the flight. I got home and just felt really hungover. The next day I went out to lunch with my fiancee and had a COFFEE!!! Worst mistake ever. All the symptoms from the night before came back and i immediately had another panic attack. I have had to call off from work the past 3 days already. One day I went to work and told my boss I felt ill. The next day I tried to walk in but panicked and walked right out. I went to the ER to draw blood and make sure it wasn't something besides alcohol. My blood and urine results came back negative. I have never had a panic attack before this weekend. It is 4 days in now and still feel extremely anxious. Is this normal and will it ever go away????
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