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1st birthday

I was thinkn of Wharton do for my sons first birthday like a theme and what to do cause it'll be Right after I have my son that I'm pregnant with my first son will be 1 on the 5th of January n my due date is Dec.29th
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Hey mommy i think that you should  forget trying to put somethings together especially since you will be just coming home with your LO take some and rest and relax I'm sure your your 1year old won't mind.but if you have someone to help you go for it! I personally didn't have parties until my kids were turning 2.
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Thanks thats what I'm thinkn I will do cause financially I can't afford to do anything and don't really have help from anyone and when he is two I'll be in a better position and be able to do something special for both of em
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Sounds good mommy!! Success takes sacrifice God bless
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You could buy a cheap little just for him cake, and get a number 1 candle. You'll look back and be like "dang I really wish I had done something" yes, he won't know the difference. But this is special in so many ways! This is a celebration of you all as a family, you as a mother, his life. Its so extrodinary. A little cake with a 1 would be sweet. And he will be so stoked because he's eating cake and making a mess. You will want this moment and you will do it with your baby you're pregnant with because you're going to wish you had done something for his birthday.

Cake mix is cheap and the candle isn't bad either. I'm telling you, you're gonna want this moment.

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Material things aren't important in life.You must be grateful that your baby is alive and healthy and that you guys are just together and happy mothers lose children so many mothers can't have children and would give the world to have them.that cheap cake and candle could buy diapers or wipes for someone who clearly stated that her financial situation isn't the best and on top of that had no help.quality time is the best gift a mother could give. Pleas don't take offense just my view on the situation God bless
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And on top of that she is going to just be coming home from giving birth I personally don't have time for all that after childbirth only thing on my mind is my family to be together and enjoy our blessings
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