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My daughter is just over a month old now and we have added formula to her feedings as i'm not having enough milk for only breast feeding and she is extremely constipated, we tried a bottle nipple of warm water and that worked very well the first time, but now we are going on 2 days with no poop she's very fidgety and seems to be in quite a bit of pain/discomfort! Any ideas!
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Hi there..my son is 2 weeks old and we have been supplememting with formula as well from day one  because of insufficient BM. He was constipated at a week old because of the formula, but I quickly changed it to enfamil ready to feed A+ sensitive. It's easier on the tummy and he loves it! I also just started enfamil A+ sensitive in powdered form and I'm giving both ready to feed and the powder and he has 2-3 bowel movements everyday at least. When he was constipated, I rubbed his anus with Vaseline like the nurse suggested to make his poop easier to pass. Only around the anus tho and not inside. Also moved his legs in a bicycle motion and rubbed his tummy clockwise. In addition to a nice warm bath. (All these helped) But he was still constipated till I changed his formula from regular powdered enfamil to the ready to feed A+ sensitive. I hope this helps! Goodluck!
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Another thing you can give sparingly besides water is diluted pear juice (most juices are off limits at that age, but this isn't!)
But - usual comment - intestinal toxification is real and if she hasn't done a smelly for two days you should put a baby-size glycerin suppository in her.
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