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Should I circumcise?

Please read the whole thing before answering with a huge "No don't do it." Hear me out. I didn't originally want to. Hadn't even considered circumcising. But the love of my life and father of my unborn son didn't get circumcised until he was eight. Because he got an infection and had to be circumcised. And it was extremely painful to him at an age where he can still remember it so well. He and I are both so afraid that if we don't and the baby doesn't stay hygienic down there when he gets old enough to wash himself that he will get an infection and have to be circumcised anyway. I'd much rather get it over with at infanthood than him suffer at age eight. But if I can avoid it all together I'd like to. Still. We're torn. My partner says he wishes his mother had had him circumcised when he was a baby so that he wouldn't have had to suffer when he was older. I just don't know.
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Honestly due to hygiene, I would circumcise as a baby. They can also give him meds to help numb the pain as a baby. I know several boys and even a 60 year old man (family) who had to have late circumcisions and we're traumatized. So unless it is a religious matter that is restricting you, you can always consult your obgyn or a pediatrician on additional pros and cons.
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It's totally your choice but I circumcised my first. I told my husband it was his decision because I am not a guy and don't know what it's like. It was the best decision in my opinion. It looks better and is easy to clean and I wouldn't want him to get made fun of when he's older or be upset that I didn't do it when he was a baby. The doctor said he cried for like 2 seconds after and just went right back to sleep. For my second I will also be having him circumcised
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We will be getting our son circumcised when he comes out in February.I know an older gentleman who had to get it done and he was in agony. Plus it's such a quick easy procedure. They recover quick.
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Thanks, everybody. The whole thing seems so cruel, but is apparently necessary to protect my baby. You guys have definitely reassured me and made feel better about it all. Thanks for the support.
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We circumsised our boy when he was a few weeks old. I left the decision to my husband. There are pros and con's to both having it done and not having it done.
Do what you feel is best for your baby. Be prepared for the first couple of days, it does not look pretty and might make you wonder "why the hell did I do this!?" But once its healed, cleanliness is so easy. Totally worth it in my opinion.
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My dear you can do it ad soon as he is born so he won't feel the pain much. That's what I did to my two boys. my baby would be two weeks tomorrow but he is healed already. jux consider that too
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We didn't circumsize our boy. I saw it as an unnecessary procedure. I understand your concern and it's something I worry about. I just make sure to keep him clean and as he grows teach him the importance of good hygiene
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My son is circumcised ! We did it the same day he was born and it is already healed up ! I was more concerned about the hygienic issues than anything and thank god I did !
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I feel that is all about hygene i have 2 boys uncircumcised i think is to painfull now if they want to so later in their life good luck to them but my oldest is 10 and no infections yet thank god my sons father gave me all this reasons why i should but i dont want to he says it doesnt look nice so i think he wants me to do it because he thinks it will look prettier but like i said my kids can decide when they grow up the medical field is progressing they would come up with something by then prob less painfull
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