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Has anyone else decided to skip the circumcision?
what were the reasons for you?
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I did not have it done on my 1st son because I thought it was painful n didn't want him to go thru that. I regret it. It's just more sanitary n healthier to have it done. I did it to my 2nd son n I never notice him having pain. They use a bell n it fell off in a few days. It looked so much better. Now that I'm older I feel bad for my oldest because I know that on a personal note that when I've see a guy without it it grosses me out I prefer someone that has one. So I feel bad that he had to deal with not having one when he is older.
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Im choosing not to do it. I did my research and i higher percentage of ppl r not having it done. It doesnt really prove its more sanitary. As long as u teach them to clean properly ur fine. This was also told to me by the rn in the delivery room. And also say to try to keep it like dads. But its up to u. However u feel more comf. I would just do my research not go based of what ppl say to do it
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I have twk boys. A 5 year old and a 6 month old. They didn't have it done because I reasearched a lot about it, and that is deff there for a reason. My five year old has never had any problems, he knows how to cleanse and keep it clean. I would look for information so that you know what's best for you and ur baby.
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I feel like its easier to clean and looks better but those aren't good enough reasons to have it done, in  my opinion.
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If this baby is a boy we won't have a circumcision done. My husband's brother had too much skin removed as a baby and ended up with a nasty infection. So we are trying to avoid any unnecessary complications like that. Also, from the research he has done, he believes men have greater sensation when they are not circumsized. Previously, I was against that choice but then I figured my husband is the one who has had a penis his entire life, surely he's got a little more insight on what it would be like uncircumcised, than I do.
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Its your choice but i have 2 little brothers i am close with and the oldest wishes mom would have done it. My mom did to the youngest. I have an 7 year old and i had him done havent had any issues. Its what ever you and the dad decide to do. Good luck
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I have 3 boys and did not have it done. They dont need it. All you have to do is keep them clean and once they are old enough you show them how to clean themselfs. Its a simple as that.
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