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do you only give your baby a pacifier too sleep? need opinions

I just gave my two week old a pacifier for ghe first tim, all she wants to do is suck. But should I only give it to her to sleep at night, or do you give it too them when there fussy ?just want to see what other moms do
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I gave my daughter her Pasi whenever. Babies have a natural instinct to suck. Some have it more then others.it's really all up to u. I know they say if ur breastfeeding try and wait a month due to nipple confusion but I gave my daughter one from day one and I still breastfed.but I had to use a nipples shield  to help
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I never used a pacifier, I just snuggled with my babies while they ate and they fell asleep easily
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Well waiting 2 weeks is a good idea if your breastfeeding but its all up to you how often your baby will get one.
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My first took a binki until 2yo. My other 3 i would use it the first month but after that they refused it. I think there is no harm in it but if they keep spittng it out and crying they are hungry so never force it. Also I exclusively bf.
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My baby usually wants his to sleep or relax. But if hes hugry he spits it out. And vice versa. If hes full but still fussy, he pushes his bottle away and it usually means he just wants his paci to relax. I get alot of backlash from my family about giving it to him tho. They say itll mess up his teeth and be hard to get him off of it. But he likes it and it soothes him. And idc im his mom. The way i see it is if hes on a bottle its ok to give him a paci. When the bottle goes, the paci goes. If your baby is like mine and likes it for sleep go for it. But if he spits it out sometimes he wants a bottle. You and your baby will figure out what he likes and doesnt like.
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Every baby is different. My baby was breastfed but needed formula due to jaundice and my milk wasn't coming in yet. He had alittle comfusion but I think the type of nipple u get helps....they have nipples that are similar to breasts nipple. Muchkin brand I use....its called LATCH..... Also as far a pacifier I use it when I need a little extra time before I pick him up and always have in the car just in case
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My baby is six days old and a couple of days ago we introduced a pacifier. He's doing well with it and being breastfeed- I use a nipple shield, that may be helping.
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