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9 yo daughter chews her sleeves

My ex wife says that there are serious underlying problems with my daughter because she chews her shirt sleeves. I tend to think it is not so serious. Should I be worried?
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Most children chew on stuff. I chewed my hair at that age, my daughter chewed pencils and pens...my 10 year old step daughter chews strings and stuff from her clothes.

That said, you may want to have her tested to make sure she doesn't have a nutritional imbalance (and it can't hurt to put her on a daily children's vitamin) to make sure she isn't chewing in an effort to ingest some her body is needing and not getting.

I hope your ex doesn't say she thinks your daughter has serious, underlying problems where your daughter can hear :( If she does...she needs counseling.
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Many children chew on things because it is a soothing or comforting behaviour.  It often is a sign of stress or anxiety.  It can also be an indication of a nutritional deficiency.  If you are concerned you can always speak to your family physician.  It also might be wise to ask your daughter's teacher if he/she notices any unusual signs of stress while at school.  I doubt if your daugter's chewing is serious, but, it could be an issue that needs addressed.  I wish you the best ...
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When does she chew?  My son used to chew his t-shirt collars (as did several other kids) during math or other activities that required long periods of concentration.  You can see adults chewing coffee stirrers or ends of pencils.

I agree with Christine,  I think your ex-wife's attitude is a concern.
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yup... we all chew on something ...nothing wrong with the child .....
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My 9 year old son chews his t-shirt collar all the time, usually when he is concentrating on a video game or something of that matter. My brother did it when we were young too, I think it is a situation thing... just keep an eye on her, and watch whats going on around her when she is doing the chewing :)
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My son has a sensory integration disorder.  It is not as bad anymore  because we pay for occupational therapy.  He is a sensory seeker.  He chews on shirts, clumsy,  does not seem to hear when you talk.  Those are some main symptoms.  Please look into getting him help or doing some home activities to help him.  You can look up the disorder to learn more.  
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Hi,  hey, we've started a sensory integration disorder forum here.  Would love to have you join us!!

My son also chews to self soothe.
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