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Sexual touching and therapy

Can a child therapist who deals in ADHD and Sex really determine after one visit if a child has been abused or not?

My son (8) has accused my sisters son (9) of teaching him how to suck on a penis.  Now....my son got caught teaching this to another child and when I confronted him he finally broke down and told me it was his cousin (my sisters son) who had taught this to him.

When It was discussed with my sister of course she was upset.  The problem is that she asked her son who has ADHD and is a VERY good liar if it was true.  He said no and he knew nothing about it.  My sister is very upset with me and my son for accusing her son of this behavior.  After a few emails she did take him to his therapist who treats him for ADHD and emailed me back saying after her sons visit with the therapist on Thursday that the doctor found no such touching or anything sexual has been done to her son.  She said the therapist is even putting it in writting for her.

Can a doctor really make that determination after just ONE visit?

My son has an appointment with a Child Therapist starting on the 24th.  I assume that it will take more than one visit to make sure my son goes on with a normal life and can put this behind him.

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No a doctor cant just assume that by just one visit. Sometimes some doctors just dont wanna do their job and just wanna get paid. U should take that person to other doctors.
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Thank you for your thoughts!  
My son and I went to our therapist yesterday and she agreed with me that after just one visit it would almost be impossible to diagnose that nothing sexual has happened to my nephew.
My son and i both liked our therapist and look forward to seeing her again.  My son loves the fact that he gets to see her alone and is free to tell her anything without me being in the room.  We are going to focus on the fact that maybe someone other than my nephew taught this to my son.  She will even look into the possibility of my husband doing this to my son.  I want to touch all bases and make sure the absolute truth.
Again, thank you for your thoughts!  It was a relief to see someone else was thinking the same way I was.
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It is true that going to a children therapist takes long process. It is nice to know that your therapist both like her for the things done to him. Make it a regular session. To learn more on how to choose the right therapist read this
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